Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Furniture Auction Picks in Sydney this week

I have been back to passion of furniture painting this week, painting an old kitchen hutch for a client but I won't have good photos of it as my client will be putting on the hinges and handles as they are replacing the original ones so I've only got dismantled photos but I'll share them soon.

I am under strict instructions from my husband to not buy any more furniture this week so I thought I'd share my auction picks with you. Remember if any items interest you, make your way over to Annandale to Lawson's tomorrow morning from 9:30 onwards or you can place an absentee bid, bid online or bid by phone but you need to pre-register.  If you are ever looking for a specific piece let me know and I can keep an eye out for you.

Auctions are a great place to buy mirrors. It always shocks me how much new mirrors cost in shops. Literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars, even thousands. I just can;t justify it. I have one great big Ikea mirror in our bedroom and all our other mirrors are vintage. These are the 3 most beautiful mirrors being auctioned at Lawsons tomorrow. All are fabulous.

some beautiful gilt mirrors (lots 1072, 1084 and 1100)

 These French armchairs and matching ottoman don't look much at the moment with that brown fabric but I would love a chance to reupholster these in a neutral fabric with a blue stripe - perhaps a vintage grainsack.  ahh someday....

lot 1237

I have almost the exact same sideboard as below in my pile of furniture to paint. The one I have has 3 doors though and is larger. I think this would be very pretty painted with perhaps the top left natural wood. (i'd strip and re-stain the wood so it's not so rosewood).  I bought my similar sideboard for well under $100 so I'd expect this one to sell for similar.

lot 1036
I love this Aluminium Riveted Coffee Table Trunk (111 x 57 x 60cm).  It would look fabulous in many home decor styles. Very HD Buttercup I think.  If I wasn't under strict husband orders I'd bid on this.

lot 1052
cute vintage crate with what I assume is German lettering. 

lot 1043
and what would a furniture auction be without a beautiful French armoire. This one is solid oak. the carvings are lovely.  These normally sell for under $500 which is an absolute bargain.

lot 1237
Hope you enjoyed the furniture eye candy or even found something you'd like to bid on.


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  1. Just gorgeous, I love a good auction.

    1. me too! obviously...but there's always some fabulous stuff. and I love the reuse of it all.

  2. I'm under strict instructions too, but it's lovely to look! The pair of chairs are beautiful, love your suggestion of the grain sack. I echo the 'one day'.

    1. I am so going to do it Catherine!! one day....

  3. Hy, your blog is very interesting and beautiful, congratulations. Kisses from Spain.

  4. Wow, that auction has some amazing items. I would be in some serious trouble if I was there. I think I'd want to buy it all. That armoire is amazing and I think I even spy a chesterfield sofa in the back. I am in heaven.

  5. There are a number of reputable auction houses located around Sydney, most of which have been in operation for decades. I would be in some serious trouble if I was there.

    ~office furniture Sydney

  6. Hey very nice products for auction. There are vast number of online auctions available so I suggests you please refer that one.


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