Sunday, October 13, 2019

How to use Rub n Buff to paint furniture gold

Happy lazy Sunday afternoon, hope you are having a lovely weekend. My family all came home from their travels last night and are full of talk about their wonderful trips. Nice to have them home.

I did manage to get so much work done while they were away. I was asked by a lovely lady, Helen, to paint a huge conversation chair. It was a glossy black and she wanted it gold. I decided the best product to use is Rub n Buff as it is so durable, super easy to clean up if you get it in the wrong spot and  easy to apply especially with a fine brush. AND it looks amazing.

how to use rub n Buff to paint furniture gold Lilyfield Life

Above is the original finish of the piece and below is the completed piece. I did two coats leaving a full day in between coats. There were times when little flecks of the gilding wax flicked onto the leather but it is just so easy to remove with mineral turpentine on a cloth that I just didn’t even worry about being super neat. The first coat looked good but a little patchy in places but I think the second coat makes it look exactly like proper gold leaf. Helen is extremely happy with it. When the piece is in situ in the amazing room I will share photos.

how to use rub n Buff to paint furniture gold Lilyfield Life

how to use rub n Buff to paint furniture gold Lilyfield Life

Here are some other pieces I did this week using Rub n Buff. This time a slightly darker gold, Antique Gold. 

how to use rub n Buff to paint furniture gold Lilyfield Life

The tall mirror on the left is available for sale. Can hang portrait or landscape. Just email me for details. The other pieces have sold already. 

how to use rub n Buff to paint furniture gold Lilyfield Life

how to use rub n Buff to paint furniture gold Lilyfield Life

Personally I think Rub n Buff is way easier to apply than gold paint (you can use a small brush, your finger or cloth) and I think it gives a much more authentic finish. There are times I will use gold paint but I find myself reaching for the tube of Rub n Buff more frequently. Would love to hear what you think?


Thursday, October 10, 2019

Antique painted pine linen press

antique pine linen press lilyfieldlife

Good afternoon, I’ve been working so hard lately I decided to take the afternoon off painting and I’m actually sitting in bed with the sun streaming in and a cool breeze, watching a movie on my iPad and I thought it was a good chance to update my blog. 

Phil and Jonty are hiking in New Zealand , a nice father and son trip and Sasha is in Spain on a school language tour. so I have been taking the opportunity to work hard and get loads done. I finished this stunning antique linen press last night and it’s available for purchase. Gosh I love it. I have painted the exterior in a limed white chalk paint and waxed finish and the interior I have left as it’s beautiful old scrubbed pine that has never been varnished so it looks gorgeous . 

anqyieu pine linen press hand painted chalk paint lilyfield life

antique linen press lilyfield life chalk painted

These pieces are so highly practical as well as beautiful - ideal for storing linen obviously but also they work well as a bar or general storage. . 

beautiful things Lilyfield life

Available : a stunning antique pine linen press. Exterior painted in a soft limed white and waxed finish. Interior is the beautiful waxed original timber. There are 4 large shelves and one small ledge shelf at the very top, two drawers with beautiful possibly ivory or bone carved handles. I just adore this piece and think it’s so practical for many uses in your home. Please note this is very old and there is slight old insect damage to the front feet but this has been treated a long time ago and timber is sturdy. 
102w x 45d x 185h cm
$1000  (Now sold)
Pickup Lilyfield or I can get you a delivery quote.

lilyfield life linen press

There are a few marks inside the drawers, easy to fix with some felt or paper.  

Do you love this as much as I do? It has me wishing I had a huge bathroom that I could place it in. It would look amazing!

Fiona xx