Tuesday, January 31, 2012

White French Provincial Writing Desk

It's been a while since I've been painting furniture as we have been away for so long on school holidays - more posts to come about our great trip to Queensland recently.  However today I'm sharing a lovely French Provincial writing desk that I made over yesterday.

I have just painted this in classic white. I was tempted to do a harlequin pattern on the top like I have done previously here, but in the end have left it plain.
This lovely desk started life as a dressing table.
It's solid walnut but i really don't like the stripey wood.
The mirror wasn't in good shape so i was going to remove it anyway but I accidentally smashed it before I even left the auction house. Lucky I'm not superstitious.  There is the piece of glass for the top available.

...and here it is now all ready for sale. With my new french style pinboard that I'm loving.

I spent today at the furniutre auctions, got a few lovely things that I'll be painting later this week.  Now all I need is a shop!

PS - Well that was quick - this has sold already!

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Paint Me White

When we arrived in Brisbane, our first stop off the freeway was at the Woolloongabba Antique Centre where Sandy from Paint Me White has her booth.  Sandy and I have become great friends this last year, sharing furniture and paint news several times a week so I was so excited to finally meet her in real life. 

Here is her beautiful booth.  I love everything especially those pompoms. If you ever are in Brisbane this place is a must see.  She paints beautifully, has a great eye for lovely pieces and very reasonable prices.  The WAC must also really appreciate Sandy's style as she has a prime position at the end of the main walkway. Very easy to find.

Sandy and I spent 2 hours over coffee chatting about our furniture, paints and waxes and our lives. It is wonderful having a friend who shares the same enthusiasm and passion for painting furniture. I'm sure I bore many of my other friends to tears! 

The cafe at the WAC is great also. My kids loved the pear and raspberry bread (even if I had to tell my son it was banana as he was sure he didn't like Pear and raspberry bread - but he managed to eat 2 slices when he thought it was banana....kids!!!)

Below is a photo of some of Sandy's divine furniture that she has transformed this last year. Although I'm sure if you are reading my blog, you would already be reading Sandy's and know her lovely stuff.

I'd love to hear your comments about any blog friends you have made. These friendships are my favourite part of blogging - being in touch with like-minded and inspiring people (women) from all over the world.

My kids went back to school this morning and I'm about to start painting a lovely french desk. It's perfect painting weather here today!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Driving to Queensland - Beautiful Country Roads

We are back home in time for school to return tomorrow. It's been long holidays and we have been away a lot. Hence the lack of projects and blog posts. But don't worry I'm full of ideas and furniture make-overs starting tomorrow!

This last trip, the kids and I drove to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, over 2000 km of driving for the return trip. On the way up we drove a very scenic route - Bucketts Way and Thunderbolts Way which are small back roads over the Great Diving Range. I had to share some photos.

Outside Walcha, I spied something lovely out of the corner of my eye. We tracked back for a closer look. I'm not sure what this grand house functions as, but it sure is beautiful.

Thunderbolts Way ends at Uralla which is a very lovely little town. 
Gorgeous old buildings. 

 We were then on the New England Highway. We stopped at Guyra for this Lamb and Potato festival. What a good promotion for the area's farmers. Loved the roast lamb rolls.

After an overnight stay in a crappy motel in Glen Innes, we finally we made it to the border.  Still lots of driving till Brisbane.

I love country roads.

Have you been driving anywhere in the country lately? What's your favourite little town?

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Browsing French Furniture Today

We've had a very quiet lazy day at home broken up by a quick play in the park near our house just as a storm broke and drenched us.  Phil brought the kids home for a bath and I thought I'd nick into the antiques centre at the end of my street (where my booth used to be) to see what was happening there. It's still dead quiet in there but I found some nice french furniture (outrageously expensive though).

Even though I personally wouldn't pay the prices they were asking (each piece was around $3500), I did like the paint work so thought I'd share some photos for your inspiration.

And these nice old boxes were much more affordable at around $40 each.

And I loved this piece.  The Bronte Tram has this terracotta angel for sale at $260. Divine.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.
cheers Fiona

Friday, January 13, 2012

Coastal Beachy Table

Yesterday afternoon we went around to my lovely friend's house and while the kids played in the pool and Leanne prepared dinner, I painted the base of her table. 

This table is in the back room overlooking the pool and garden.  Leanne has the most divine French formal dining table but this is the table they use for everyday meals. She wanted a more beachy theme so I painted the apron and legs a lovely deep blue. I mixed up some chalk paint and got to work.  The day was lovely and warm so I was able to sand, paint and wax the table before the kids' dinner was served! Gotta love how quickly chalk paint dries.

Before:  the legs hadn't aged to the lovely silvery grey that the top had.
They were still quite orange.

The top needed some oil or wax to protect the wood:

and now: (notice the celebratory drinks on the table for my hard work!)

The photos would look better if I'd vacuumed up the sanding mess I'd made!

I also took this photo yesterday for #janphotoaday for close up.
It is a lovely old water fountain in Leanne's garden.

Why is it easier to do painting for other people, rather than tackle my own huge project list?

Oh well, it will all have to wait for another day as the kids and I are off to our favourite beach for the afternoon!

Fiona xx

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Away at Berry

The kids and I were lucky enough to spend the last few days at my friends' house down in Berry. The property is called "Away" and it truly is a beautiful get-away.  It is usually rented out (see here if you are interested) but there was a last minute vacancy so we all headed down.

I thought I'd share some photos of the house and the lovely town which is only 2 hours from Sydney so it's a perfect drive.

The house is up in the hinterland of Berry overlooking Kangaroo Valley.   It has 4 double bedrooms, 2 and a half bathrooms and a massive kitchen/ dining/ living space as well as a huge deck. It's a great house to go with another family or several friends as the bedrooms are in 2 separate wings of the house so there is a lot of privacy.

an old photo below as the garden is a lot more lush now.

The best equipped kitchen in any rental holiday house. Cassiano is a brilliant cook so we ate very well. My daughter loved preparing dinner with him.

views from the house


The town of Berry is beautiful.
It's full of lovely shops, houses and cafes.

Berry boasts fantastic homewares shopping.
I bought some lovely lanterns and a divine fleur de lis dinner set at Haven & Space. I'll share them soon.

I loved the bunting and red walls of this shop.

So thanks, Ross and Cassiano, for a wonderful time away.