Thursday, July 8, 2021

Cute little vintage cabinet in pale grey

Hope you are going okay. We are currently in lockdown in Sydney and it’s a bit of a drag isn’t it. I am getting vaccinated next week and very happy about that. We are going well to be fair. My main concern with work is storage for pieces I have sold for people who can’t come pick them up - space is getting tight :)

One piece I sold recently is this cute slimline vintage cabinet. I did a really good sand and clean and then primed and painted in satin enamel - beautiful blue on the interior and pale grey on the exterior.  

With the bifold doors and internal drawers this piece offers good storage for a slim spot. I had to think carefully when deciding colours for this piece as the drawers are lined with a lovely bright blue velvet. I quite often paint inferiors of cabinets in duck egg but felt that would clash with the drawer lining so I used this beautiful blue called “Blowout”. It was the perfect choice. 

This was a piece where there are many ways on finishing it: solid like I did, highlight the mouldings with white paint, distress, glaze, black wax etc? I ended up leaving it solid and plain as I felt there was enough going on with it and less is often more. 

But it’s all personal choice when you are painting a piece - there is no right or wrong and you will usually find a buyer for whatever you choose. 

Here’s the before photo: 

 Anyway I hope you are all going okay. I am staying sane with my bootcamp and lots of walks and a few runs in Callan Park.

What have you been up to? I’d love to hear how you are going? 
Fiona xx