Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Christmas Wreath

Good morning; the end of year is looming fast. We are typically not yet organized for Christmas: no tree, no presents but we do have a wreath on the door.

Sasha and I went to a wreath making workshop at her school the other night. A nice mother daughter event to do with her.

The base is twigs and we just shoved in flowers and leaves and occasionally used florist wire to secure some pieces. We went with the the theme of less is more and we are really happyof how it turned out.

We will put up the tree next weekend, we were going to do it last weekend but in the end we were too busy, tired and nonchalant about it :)

I have loads of furniture to share with you. I’ll post some pieces tomorrow and update the For Sale page .
Fiona xx

Thursday, November 15, 2018

A few vintage Demi lune consoles

Good morning! Funny how you can not see something for a while and then come across a run of them. Margaret asked me for a demi lune console table and I couldn’t find one for ages but then found several. 

Here’s the one I painted black for her. 

Demi lune console Lilyfield Life Black

I also had this (not strictly a Demi lune) onemwith a black marble top. Absolutely beautiful detail and the marble was in very nice condition. I painted the base is an ASCP Paris grey mix with some dry brushed white.

That one sold right away so when I came across the next Demi lune I decided to paint it similarly but sell it more cheaply as it wasn’t marble ... and it’s still available:)

Available: a vintage Demi lune console table. Perfect for a hallway or lounge room. With ball and claw feet, a pie crust edge and carved leg detail, this lovely piece exudes elegance. 

Painted in ASCP Paris Grey with a Graphite top. 

91w x 45d x 75h cm

Now sold 

Pickup Lilyfield or delivery

Let me know if you are interested in this one.

I have a busy painting day today as I’m finishing up an order of 6 pieces heading to Belligen near Coffs Harbour this week.very grateful for lovely customers.


Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Bright white paint for Laura

One of my customers Laura asked me to paint a pine desk for her and an antique chair. She wanted the desk to be a bright white and the chair a jet black. They look so good together now and all ready for her kids to do their home work.

I used chalk paint (a beautiful local brand) but I didn’t want to wax the desk as I wanted a surface that Laura could spray and wipe if her kids spill glitter or make a mess. So I us
ed a matte water based sealer. 

Laura also mentioned if I had a narrow chest of drawers available and I had actually picked one up last week so I painted it in the same white chalk paint and gently distressed it and gave it a smooth wax finish.

They are all getting delivered to Laura tomorrow so I hope she loves them

Fiona xx

Monday, November 12, 2018

Before and After: ASCP Country Grey

A lovely new customer found me via a google search and asked me to paint her bedside tables. To be honest the photos she sent me didn’t really show the poor condition of the previous finish. She had bought these over 40 years ago and they had been painted in milk paint. They are actual French oak side tables and in lovely condition under all that trashed paint.

I spent ages sanding them down as the milk paint was chipping off even in places that weren’t looking disgusting.  I then primed with zinsser BIN shellac and painted with 2-3 coats of ASCP Country Grey. I waxed the bases but as my customer uses these to rest her coffee on I decided that she needed the extra protection of a clear coat sealer on the tops. I then gave them a glazed finish. 

My customer was so excited when she picked them up. She said “aren’t you clever!” And then she added “aren’t I clever to find you!” 😊

Monday, October 15, 2018

A few days of relaxing

Good morning my lovelies, with the school holidays drawing to a close I’ve enjoyed a few days off work. It’s been really nice to unwind and spend time with my family and friends and not have a paint brush in my hands. 

Although don’t get me wrong I absolutely love painting but I’m finding that my shoulders and biceps are aching a lot lately. Last year it was my hips from sitting weirdly when I painted so I changed that and now my biceps are aching so I must be doing something differently that’s causing that pain. I need to stretch more I think ... and probably paint less. And walk more and lose weight...don’t get me started.

But today when I had some quite time instead of painting I sat and read a magazine and gazed at my wall of greenery in the garden. How beautiful has the rain made everything look. 

In the late afternoon Phil and I were kid free and we walked up to Rozelle and we found a wine bar serving last drinks so we had a glass of rosé and sat and talked. Very nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

I did have a few customers come to pick up pieces including these lovely large bedsides. Lisa has been a customer for years and so it was nice to see her again and know that she is still loving my furniture.

graphite ash bedside tables lilyfield life

graphite ash bedside tables lilyfield life

graphite ash bedside tables lilyfield life

I’ll be back into work today . Lots of new pieces to pick up including some lovely French pieces. Exciting to start the new week off with some great pieces

Enjoy your day.
Fiona xx

Friday, October 12, 2018

Black and beautiful

Fusion Mineral paint coal black
I had the pleasure in painting gorgeous timber American drawers recently. My customer had brought these from the US, they were the first piece of furniture she ever bought but the dark timber wasn’t doing it for her anymore. We decided on Coal Black by Fusion Mineral Paint. How gorgeous are they now. 

For the hardware I have polished with Bar Keepers Friend and an old toothbrush. They originally were quite black with age. So shiny now. 

Doesn’t paint make a huge difference! 
Get in contact if you have a piece that needs paint. 
Happy to provide a quote
Fiona xx

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Today at Floriade

Good evening! The kids and I have snuck away to Canberra for a few days. To escape the rain and take in some sights. It works out perfectly as Floriade is on and some great exhibitions at the art gallery. 

American Masters

Floriade was spectacular also. Even though we have come right at the end of the month there are still so
Tulips in bloom

You know how much I like white

Some colour also :)

Loads more photos as it was all so beautiful 

We also spent the afternoon at Questacon- so much fun. Im including these next photos for my dad

Days of
Colour in all

Back home tomorrow
Sleep well my friends xx

Sunday, October 7, 2018

How to paint furniture - 10 Tips for getting starting

10 Tips for getting started painting furniture - Lilyfield Life

I thought I'd do a little brain dump on some tips for improving your furniture painting or to give you some confidence to pick up the paintbrush for the very first time. I often speak to people who don't know where to start - jump in and practice, practice, practice. Remember to have some fun. It's very rewarding.

10 Tips for getting started painting furniture - Lilyfield Life

1. Get familiar with the basics: before you start painting make sure you read this blog post I wrote years ago about how to paint vintage furniture. Chalk paint has changed some of the need for all the steps but this guide is a good start and you won't go wrong with it. 

2. Decide what look you are wanting. What is your piece suited to? Is it plain or more ornate? Do you want modern and smooth or is the piece old and ornate and can it do with a more rustic or French look? Different paints will work better for different looks: high gloss paints for a more modern look, chalk paint or matte paint for more old-world, vintage or a shabby chic look. Have a read of this blog post where I discuss different paints I use.

3. Start on smaller pieces and realise that practice makes perfect. You will improve with every piece you paint. If you are really nervous grab some photo frames or sample boards. Old kitchen cabinet boards are also fantastic to practice on.

4. Prep your furniture: I know it's all the rage to do no prep but you will get a way better finish with a little prep. Clean your furniture and gently sand. You only need to sand enough to take the glossy sheen off the furniture. You do not need to sand back to raw timber. If it has previous paint (or varnish) that is peeling, sand until smooth and bare.

5. Use a primer in these circumstances: over oak, mahogany, old pine or Balinese furniture. I also use a good primer with painting with white paint as it will assist with coverage and cut down on the coats of more expensive paint you have to use. If you haven't used a primer and you have bleeding (where tannins seep through and turn your paint red, pink or brown) you can always spot prime and then continue painting. I use Zinsser BIN SHellac in the red tin.

6. Don't overload your brush and don't over work your paint. Lay the paint down and don't go back and forth. You aren't buttering bread.

7. Sand between coats - not always necessary but wow it makes a difference to the smoothness of your work. It takes no time at all, just a very light sand with 220g or higher sandpaper.

8. Don't panic after the first coat - pieces will often look way worse before they get better. Let your paint dry and then paint another coat. 

9. Realise you may need more than two coats of paint particularly with whites, yellow, red or black. 

10. Having problems? Consult my handy guide to "Solving paint problems"

10 Tips for getting started painting furniture - Lilyfield Life

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Enjoy your weekend

Good evening, hope you are enjoying the weekend. I just wanted to pop in tonight to say thank you for all your support. I absolutely love furniture painting and sharing my techniques and interacting with you all. 

beautiful flowers Lilyfield Life

I have quite a bit for sale at the moment - been very productive lately:) I’ll update the For Sale Page later tonight.

I’m going to be sharing lots of techniques and inspiration on my blog again not just my makeovers. I know it’s been a bit furniture focused lately. 

Thanks for being here 
Fiona xx

Fiona - Lilyfield Life

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Vintage meat safe before and after

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite

I hope you are enjoying the before and afters I’ve been sharing. It really gives hope to old ugly furniture out there doesn’t it.  Tonight I’m sharing a meat safe that I painted last week. 

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite

This rustic meat safe is very old. I bought it from a sweet 79 year old lady who was moving out of her apartment on a 4th floor with no elevator to something more convenient although she assured me the stairs weren’t a problem for her and “did I want help carrying the furniture downstairs?”  God love her. 

Anyway she’s had this meat safe forever but can’t take it to the nursing home. It needed a bit of work to say the least but it’s looking gorgeous now with a sanded and waxed top, exterior in Graphite chalk paint, distressed and waxed and the interior painted a lovely pale grey.  The mesh on the sides is the original but I’ve added new mesh to the doors.  
A lovely little piece of history 🖤

I thought you might like to see it as it progressed through the various stages. Those panels in the doors weren’t original to the piece and were so ugly. Made such a difference removing them and bringing it back to its original look. The second photo is when I’ve started sanding it, third photo painted, 4th photo all finished. How good is paint!

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite

painted vintage meat safe Lilyfield Life - ASCP Graphite