Monday, October 15, 2018

A few days of relaxing

Good morning my lovelies, with the school holidays drawing to a close I’ve enjoyed a few days off work. It’s been really nice to unwind and spend time with my family and friends and not have a paint brush in my hands. 

Although don’t get me wrong I absolutely love painting but I’m finding that my shoulders and biceps are aching a lot lately. Last year it was my hips from sitting weirdly when I painted so I changed that and now my biceps are aching so I must be doing something differently that’s causing that pain. I need to stretch more I think ... and probably paint less. And walk more and lose weight...don’t get me started.

But today when I had some quite time instead of painting I sat and read a magazine and gazed at my wall of greenery in the garden. How beautiful has the rain made everything look. 

In the late afternoon Phil and I were kid free and we walked up to Rozelle and we found a wine bar serving last drinks so we had a glass of rosé and sat and talked. Very nice to relax and enjoy each other’s company. 

I did have a few customers come to pick up pieces including these lovely large bedsides. Lisa has been a customer for years and so it was nice to see her again and know that she is still loving my furniture.

graphite ash bedside tables lilyfield life

graphite ash bedside tables lilyfield life

graphite ash bedside tables lilyfield life

I’ll be back into work today . Lots of new pieces to pick up including some lovely French pieces. Exciting to start the new week off with some great pieces

Enjoy your day.
Fiona xx


  1. Looks a lovely weekend Fiona. You work too hard so I’m glad to see you taking some time off. Love those bedsides . Sarah xx


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