Monday, November 12, 2018

Before and After: ASCP Country Grey

A lovely new customer found me via a google search and asked me to paint her bedside tables. To be honest the photos she sent me didn’t really show the poor condition of the previous finish. She had bought these over 40 years ago and they had been painted in milk paint. They are actual French oak side tables and in lovely condition under all that trashed paint.

I spent ages sanding them down as the milk paint was chipping off even in places that weren’t looking disgusting.  I then primed with zinsser BIN shellac and painted with 2-3 coats of ASCP Country Grey. I waxed the bases but as my customer uses these to rest her coffee on I decided that she needed the extra protection of a clear coat sealer on the tops. I then gave them a glazed finish. 

My customer was so excited when she picked them up. She said “aren’t you clever!” And then she added “aren’t I clever to find you!” 😊

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