Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Bright white paint for Laura

One of my customers Laura asked me to paint a pine desk for her and an antique chair. She wanted the desk to be a bright white and the chair a jet black. They look so good together now and all ready for her kids to do their home work.

I used chalk paint (a beautiful local brand) but I didn’t want to wax the desk as I wanted a surface that Laura could spray and wipe if her kids spill glitter or make a mess. So I us
ed a matte water based sealer. 

Laura also mentioned if I had a narrow chest of drawers available and I had actually picked one up last week so I painted it in the same white chalk paint and gently distressed it and gave it a smooth wax finish.

They are all getting delivered to Laura tomorrow so I hope she loves them

Fiona xx

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