Easy Recipes

We love cooking and baking here at Lilyfield Life.  We are big fans of simple fresh home cooked meals and treats. I love baking bread, pizza and home made pasta, big family dinners and I love decorating cupcakes and cookies.  Phil cooks the best banana cake most Sundays, and amazing Christmas treats such as mince tarts and shortbread stars. The kids are great help in the kitchen also.

I hope you find these recipes simple and delicious! Click on the name to link through to each recipe.


  1. Hi Fiona, I have tried your chocolate cake and hot cross buns and found both recipes delicious, especially the chocolate cake which my 5 yr old granddaughter loves. today i had some bananas left over so I thought I would try Phils banana cake but the recipe wasn't there. Is there chance of getting it or is it a closely guarded family recipe? I am a new reader of your blog since seeing Country Home Ideas and am enjoying it immensely.

    1. hi Brenda -so glad you like our recipes. The chocolate cake is always a hit with kids isn't it. I have been meaning to blog Phil's banana cake. if you email me at lilyfieldlife@bigpond.com I will send you the recipe as i don't have a chance to blog it today.
      thanks for the lovely feedback on my blog
      cheers Fiona

  2. OMG your stuff are great i just try those buns and they ar just extra :) thanks soooooo much for sharing..... nos i have to try your caramel cup cake and that yummy chocolat cake and every thing !!

    Thanks i love your blog!!!

    Sharon From France

    1. thanks so much Sharon - glad you like my recipes. you will just love the caramel cupcakes. they are delicious. Lucky you living in France!
      Fiona xx


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