Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fig canapés and some beach scenes

I thought I'd share some photos of our gorgeous weekend and also  to post a fantastic fig canapé that one of friends always serves and it is such mouth watering deliciousness I had to share it with you.

We had a beautiful time on Friday and over the weekend for our anniversary.  Thank you so much for all your kind thoughts and comments. We had a kid -free Friday and Saturday and the days seemed to stretch out for ever. There's nothing like having two little kiddos to make you really appreciate the peace and freedom when they aren't around. Thanks to my sister and her kids for giving our kids (and us) a wonderful weekend. Lunch at Manta, a movie, a sleep in, markets, beach, friends, french champagne and good coffee - pretty much a perfect weekend in my books!

I have to say it's so easy going to the beach without kids! There were bluebottles galore though so we swam in the ocean pool. We swam lots of laps, lazed around, talked uninterrupted, walked and relaxed! I must the view wasn't too bad either...

We also had a wander around Everleigh markets (not as good as our local Orange Grove Markets but nice for a change).  I love farmers markets, wandering around with a coffee in hand looking at all the fresh produce and meeting the growers and food providores. There are so many people with interesting stories and beautiful food. We didn't buy much  - just some Achachas (a Bolivian fruit), some sausage/wurst and some beautiful panforte that is similar to what my mum used to make. I'll blog her recipe some day.

After the markets, we dropped in on Sam at Plumeria Coast at Bronte. Her little shop is very sweet with it's peddle store front and it's crammed full of beautiful beachy decore. Sam's been selling online for 2 years but has only had her shop for 10 weekend. I wish her every success.

On Sunday evening we invited our lovely neighbours over for some champagne and nibbles. I've wanted to share this fantastic fig canapé with you all for a while. It is so simple but extremely delicious and will make you look like a superstar for not much effort at all - just a little slicing and rolling. 

You will need fresh figs, goats cheese and prosciutto. Not the cheapest of ingredients but this is really special. I have served these a few times including Christmas Eve dinner and they are always a smash hit! It's really the perfect combinations of flavours. I am very grateful to our friend, Terrie Anne, for introducing me to this culinary delight.

Cut your figs into quarters and your prosciutto strips into diagonal halves. Please a teaspoon of goats cheese into the hollow of the fig and onto the fat end of the prosciutto. Then roll these babies up.

Pan fry for a few minutes rolling over so all sides are cooked.

Serve with your favourite champagne!

Fiona xx


  1. Great weekend
    Funny but I am posting this exact recipe later in the week. The figs are great right now. And so affordable.

  2. Oh this looks just delicious. I can't wait to try it. What a clever friend you have, Fiona. Love your photos also. those boys are eye candy! Happy Anniversary
    Julia x

  3. Yum Fiona!! That looks so nice. I'm not a fan of Goats cheese, so could you use ricotta or something like that?
    Your weekend looked fantastic by the way.
    Ness xx

  4. Absolute dream weekend! Will also be trying this recipe, sounds delish.
    Love the pics, it nearly looks like a little step back in time x


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