Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sausages on Saturday

Hello everyone

probably not what you expect but I like to mix it up around here and try a bit of everything. Today Phil and I decided to try out the mincer and sausage attachment that I bought for our KitchenAid mixer when I was in the US (it was about 20% of what it costs here, can you believe it!)

We've made two types of chicken sausages for dinner tonight (and left overs I'm sure).

The sausage that isn't in links yet in the above photo is chicken, rocket, fetta and toasted pine nuts and the other linked one is chicken, thyme, sage, celery, red onion and apple.  I didn't use a recipe - just choosing herbs from the garden and other food we had fresh from the markets this morning. I love all those ingredients so I hope it tastes good all together. We used natural casings that the local butcher gave us for free. To be honest, mincing chicken and using natural casings turned my stomach a bit but I'm sure they will be delicious.

I'm hoping they don't split and explode when we cook them...  or turn out too dry? Have you made sausages before? Any tips for us novices?  (although Phil and his friends make a great wurst on their annual boys weekend)

Now just to churn some fior di latte gelato for dessert (love my KitchenAid, and no this isn't a sponsored post) and we are all set. 

It's pouring rain here so the kitchen seemed like a good place for us.  

What have you been up to today? 

Fiona xx


  1. sounds delicious Fiona, enjoy your evening!

  2. They look great, would love to have a go at snag making myself, so much nicer than those mystery bags we buy. No KitchenAid but I enter every comp I can find to win one.

  3. Oh yum, they sound fabulous. I only have the icecream attachment for my kitchen aid (priorities right?) but I'm definitely needing to add to my collection, I'm thinking perhaps the pasta maker next

  4. I bought a kitchen aide and will really enjoy trying things like this when it gets out of storage. Can't fit it in the temp laundry that's our kitchen at the mo! These look yum! Will look forward to hearing how they turned out. Look very professional! Maybe you'll be on mkr next? Lol. X kl

  5. MMy brother gave us a KitchenAid and I bought the sausage attachment from Amazon for my husband to make. He loves sausage, I only like the flavoring they add to food, not a big meat eater. He hasn't tried it yet, will let you know once he does! We have a friend of Polish heritage that wants to make some with him, so we'll get the recipe from him. What is "rocket"?

    1. hi - rocket is also called arugula, (like lettuce but bitter). My husband makes wurst (like salami) with some friends and it's amazing. have fun with the kichenaid attachment -it works quite well but is slow. but i think slow is good when you are a novice.
      cheers fiona

  6. Wow this looks great. and so good to know what is inside your sausages! I want a kitchenAid!


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