Friday, February 15, 2013

10 years!

Yes... I know I'm a day late for Valentine's day.  Phil and I don't celebrate Valentine's as we think it's all a bit commercial. However, today we are celebrating our 10th wedding anniversary. It's a bit of a milestone, isn't it? I married my best friend and we are still very much in love. It seems very fashionable to bitch about your husband (it's a national sport I think!) but there's not much I can complain about - he's clever and fun and kind, he understands me, loves me, does nice things for me, is a great husband to me and a wonderful father to our kids. And we don't take each other for granted, we like doing the same things and we get on together and work well together. Still very happy!

We don't buy each other anniversary presents especially as this year is diamonds and I can think of much better things to spend our money on!  Phil is taking the afternoon off work and we're going to lunch at Mantra in Woolloomooloo and then a swim at Boy Charlton..and then possibly a movie. My sister is having our kids for the night and for most of tomorrow so it's going to be lovely being able to relax at home and sleep in. Simple pleasures!

I looked for our wedding photos to share a couple but can't find them anywhere! I've obviously packed the album away in a "special" spot.  Ha ha, my organisational skills astound me...

The heart photos above are all from my Instagram feed - find me there as LilyfieldLife. I was surprised at how many hearts I had taken photos of.

I'll be back next week with some more painted furniture.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend.

Fiona xx


  1. Congratulations! 10 years certainly goes quick when you have children in the mix. Have a lovely anniversary! xx

  2. Haha you sound like you were describing MY husband! Lucky us to have married such lovely men, looking forward to them meeting one day :)

    10 years married is an awesome milestone...I remember when Geoff and I had just met, his sister was celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary and we went out to dinner with a group of them to celebrate it. I remember thinking at the time wow 10 years, that is a long time...but now here we are, been together for 13 yrs and married for 11. That time has flown! Still not long compared to my parents...42 years for them, and Geoff's made it to almost 48 yrs before his Mum died. I am going off on a tangent now (one of my specialties, lol!) but my Great Aunt died this week, she was just short of 103. Her husband (my grandad's brother) died a couple of years ago at 101. They were happily married for 75 years :)

    The afternoon and night you have planned sounds just perfect...enjoy!

    xx Karen

  3. Oh Happy Anniversary. What beautiful things you have said about your best friend and husband. I wish you many more years of love and friendship. Have a great night out! Kick those heels up!
    A-M xx

  4. Happy Anniversary sweet Fiona and to your husband who sounds just lovely. what a lucky woman you are! Have a lovely day and all the best of for the next 10 years. I just love all your heart photos - perfect.
    Sue xx

  5. Happy Anniversary to you both.I agree we dont do the valetine thingy but we do give cards.I am a sucker for a good them.Kev goes for the mushy ones i give him humourous ones says alot dosn't it.Well here is to many many more years together-love dee x

  6. Happy Anniversary Fiona. A big hug from Finland! Mirkka

  7. Well done to you guys! We hit 10 years last Nov and went to Melb for an eat fest. Doesn't it fly.

  8. Happy Anniversary. Ours is on the 19th so we don't really worry about Valentines Day but we are going out to dinner tonight to celebrate. And my husband still buys me and our daughter flowers every Valentines Day.

  9. Happy Anniversary, it sounds like you got really lucky with your beau. It's so nice to know you got a good one, there are lots of them out there but you a right, the national sport of husband bitching tries to tell you otherwise.


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