Thursday, September 13, 2018

Gorgeous sideboard sold for custom painting

Hi everyone, I am just taking 30 mins to sit on the couch and have a glass of wine before dinner. So nice to sit down to be honest as it’s been a super busy couple of weeks. I just listed and sold this beautiful sideboard for custom painting. I would have been happy to sell as is also - a few very minor issues with the varnish - but the buyer wants it painted.

I’m just completely in love with it...even though it weights a tonne and nearly killed me getting it out of the car by myself. :)

Anyway it’s getting painted a beautiful French grey for Vickie. I’m so happy to be working on this gorgeous piece. 

I also just have to share my friend’s front door- omg the beauty doesn’t end at the front door but I don’t want to ruin her privacy. I would DIE for a front door like this. Not sure how she ever leaves her house- although the added bonus is that she gets to come home again through these doors.

Sorry about the angle of the photo- their house is on a steep slope with terraced gardens down to the road. 

Such beautiful things 
Fiona xx

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

A couple of cupboards for sale - lovely

Good evening: I won’t have to blog in the morning so thought I’d pop in tonight. Phil’s away and Sasha’s in camp sonits just me and Jonty: which has actually been quite lovely. Very easy just having one kid :). We’ve been going to get a coffee together before school so I haven’t been blogging.

I have a gorgeous Indian cupboard for sale that I’ve painted in a lovely white chalk paint and clear coat sealant, and a lovely old oak gentleman’s press painted in a lovely charcoal. 

Available : a lovely Indian cabinet painted a bright white chalk paint and interior finished in a pale taupe. A lovely size and good storage. Holes drilled in back if you want to store electronics inside. Also perfect for storage in a bathroom and as such I have sealed with a non yellowing water based sealer that won’t matter if it gets wet.
87w x 41d x 118h cm
Pickup Lilyfield or enquire re delivery 

I also have a fantastic old gentleman’s press for sale. I absolutely love this piece: so practical and unique.

Available: a gorgeous old oak cabinet full of drawers and perfect for so many uses. A great size as a change table but works well for clothes, linen, bathroom storage. Also nice for a dining room to storage extra plates, platters and linen. 6 interior small drawers and 2 large drawers underneath. Dovetailed sturdy drawers and all slide perfectly smoothly. Painted in a charcoal hard wearing paint and sealed for a lovely matte finish and durability. The oak interior is absolutely pristine.  On left side a small separation to timber about 1mm wide, not a structural problem. 
78w x 52d x 97h cm
Pickup Lilyfield 

Isn’t it fantastic! 

If you are interested in either of these pieces, let me know.
Fiona xx

Friday, September 7, 2018

The prettiest bedsides for sale

Good morning! I’ve been burning the candle at both (feels like more than 2!!) ends this week. Phil’s away and I’ve had a lot of work on as well as few issues in the home front - nothing major , just inconvenient. I have had a few days of business consulting to do and then lots of furniture painting. One of those weeks where I’ve actually been super productive but felt all week I was slipping further behind. 

I did finish these stunning Old French Provincial bedside tables. These are large and heavy, solid timber and beautifully crafted. I have painted these in a gorgeous greige chalk paint, white in the details and through out the interior. Waxed finish with a gentle patina. I love the wire doors. These are really special.
50w x 42d x77h cm
Pickup Lilyfield or please ask for a delivery quote

Today I have to finish a set of dining chairs and some drawers. Both jobs almost there but not quite. 
Hoping to finish the week on a good note.

How your week has gone well also.
Fiona xx

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A few little things to keep

I am usually happy to sell pieces; it’s enough that these beautiful things have just passed through my hands and I have had a chance to work on them. Only a very few things I like to keep. I recently painted a pair of little French side tables and listed them and they didn’t sell immediately and then a lady wanted to buy just one. I had placed one of the side tables on a little wall near our downstairs bathroom to photograph it and loved it there so decided to keep the remaining one.

The other day as I was returning home from some meetings I realized I had to drive past one of my favorite vintage shops so I popped in and found a gorgeous blue and white willow pattern trinket box. It’s quite large and so gorgeous and was only $40 so I decided to splurge - good for styling projects is what I justify it as :)

I also have been keeping a few crystal, brass and marble pieces. It’s funny that when you notice something and fall in love with it, you keep finding them. I have kept one set of candlesticks and the lamp.

I had so many people wanting to buy them that I have keep my eyes peeled for more and been lucky enough to find a few more (all sold now)

And how lovely are these scales? 

And this beautiful crystal lamp below ended up going to the Gold Coast with the huge white sideboard I posted about yesterday.

What sort of pieces can you not pass up?
I’d love to hear
Fiona xx

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Enormous French sideboard in white

I have a series of meeting this morning for a consulting client so I thought I’d share a beautiful sideboard I painted a few months ago that was shipped to the Gold Coast to a lovely buyer Cathy.

I shared this sideboard before I painted it and offered it up for custom painted. Cathy contacted me and asked for it in white. A stunning choice for this piece. I used Porters Paint Chalk Emulsion and clear wax.

I must have forgotten to take more photos of the finished piece as they aren’t in my phone but I do have a before photo.

It is really big; bigger than it looks as it was high as well as long. I’ll have to ask Cathy for a photo of it in her house and share it with you.

I have another French sideboard coming up soon, not quite as big and with central drawers. I really love painting sideboards as they are such statement pieces.

Have a great day
Fiona xx

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Vintage drinks cabinet and photos at home

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads and grandads. We are in the car driving to see my Dad and step Mum who now have retired to the Central Coast. Just a last minute trip and we will pick up lunch on the way but we thought why not. Everyone is getting older and who knows how long we will have with these precious people. 

Here’s a few photos from around home. My friend, Jayne, gave me the beautiful lavender.  I just love it , such pretty colours.

Goes perfectly with my fake lavender in the dining room:)

The garden is slowing coming alive again after winter. The roses are going well and I think I’m going to have a bumper crop of orchids this year: so many buds. 

I wanted to share a gorgeous drinks cabinet I have available. While it’s originally for drinks I think it’s such a practical piece and could be used anywhere in your house.

Available:  A gorgeous vintage drinks cabinet with two cupboards and a drawer below. The top cupboard has a mirror interior: back and base and two adjustable slimline glass shelves. mirrored interior and glass shelves. 

This elegant piece has been painted in a warm pale grey chalk paint, white in the details, a smooth waxed finish and a little black wax for added patina. The interior of all areas has been painted in a beautiful sea foam green paint that is spray and wipeable for easy clean up. 

I painted one of these years ago and my buyer uses it in her bedroom to store makeup and perfume and clothes in the drawer and cupboard below. This would also work beautifully in a bathroom.

81w x 43d x 143h cm


Pickup Lilyfield or enquire about delivery 

Let me know if you are interested.
We are now home and I’m almost ready for bed. 
Hope you have had a lovely father’a day 

And more lavender in my parents’ garden. Gran sent the kids home each with a posy for their rooms. Aren’t grandparents the best?

Fiona xxx

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Beautiful American cedar drawers

I was so thrilled to buy these drawers and have them in my studio. They were a joy to paint and I truly loved every minute of them. They are the sort of furniture I see on American blogs all the time and wish I could get my hands on. Well dreams do come true and I got my hands on these.

They were in fairly nice condition when I bought them and I even contemplated not painting them but the top was very marked and the timber was very dry. I have them a good sand and painted which was quite easy as the timber had zero shine on  them and the paint soaked right it. I did three coats of this lovely warm taupe grey chalk paint then clear waxed and a little black wax for extra patina.

The drawer interiors were pristine and the timber is beautiful so I decided to not paint the interior. I also left the handles as they are so lovely. 

These drawers were not perfect: a little bit of the right front leg was missing. I did have a think about how I could create a mould then create a piece to glue on this missing leg. I even watched a few YouTube videos but in the end I just decided to ignore it and just point it out to the buyer and say this is old and this is how it is.

They sold in 2 seconds flat with a few people interested so I assume you all agree with me and embrace the imperfections of age :)

And before:
I know sometimes you see these pieces painted very fancifully but I really love everything neutral and plain. I love “quiet elegance”. Personally I’m not elegant at all but I like my house and decor to be elegant. 

It’s like that joke: 

The house looks good :)
Ha ha

Fiona xx