Monday, May 27, 2019

Affordable path update: stenciled tiles

How clever are my customers-turned-friends Kate and Jordan with their DIY makeover. They are recently married and have just bought their first home. Their side path was old terra-cotta tiles that were in good condition, just not the look they were going for.

They got a quote to retile this side area and it was over $10k but with Berger Paints Jet Dry Rapid Tread paint and Cutting Edge Stencils they have transformed this area for under $300. What a saving and how wonderful does it look.

You can buy Berger paints at Bunnings or Paint Inspirations. It’s around $90 for 4 litres and is quick drying for high traffic areas. 

Jordan and Kate selected the Santa Ana tile stencil. You can select different sizes so choose the one that matches your tile dimensions.

 I previously painted my old concrete lounge room floor (before we renovated) with Berger Jet Dry and it lasts forever and feels wonderful) - I just used white but wanted to comment that I had no problems at all with the paint peeling. It lasted years and years and included a high traffic area. 

My white painted floor even made it into a magazine so it much have been good :) 

Well done Kate and Jordan! Your side path looks amazing ❤️

Do you have old tiles that could do with a spruce up?

Friday, April 19, 2019

Latest pieces

Sorry I have been slow on blogging lately. We are now settled down in front of a movie after a long Good Friday lunch with lovely friends. So I thought I’d update you on some recent pieces.

Lunch setting

Kelly bought this long India Hicks style console table (much larger than it looks) from my inventory and asked for it to be painted the same as a chest of drawers she bought a few months ago from me. 
FMP Putty with Heirloom interior
A lovely buffer waxed finish. 

vintage console lilyfield Life

Julia asked me to paint her old pine drawers for her new bedroom. We chose a pale warm grey chalk paint and I gave it a gently distressed finish. I added new handles that Julie bought from Provincial Home Living.

before and after chalk paint pine drawers Lilyfield Life

before and after chalk paint pine drawers Lilyfield Life
And before

before and after chalk paint pine drawers Lilyfield Life
This is a lovely old upholstered bench seat. I initially painted the frame a pale grey but it had such a purple undertone and I kept looking at it and decided I didn’t like it so I repainted it in this lovely deep slate grey that perfectly matches the ticking. Funnily enough it sold immediately repainted so my customers must have preferred it also. 

vintage upholstered bench seat
One of my customers, Nicole, has missed out on several glazed cabinets recently so when I came across this one I offered it to her prior to listing it for sale. She loved it. It’s such an old piece and in gorgeous condition.

vintage glazed cabinet vintage glass cupboard lilyfield life
I loved these vintage French bedsides. They were so nice to paint and turned out so pretty. They got snapped up immediately also. (I’ve got the best customers) 

French bedsides tabled lilyfield life

I have also sold a heap of mirrors and homewares lately but I’ll  share them in the next post. 
Hope you all have enjoyed Good Friday and are set to relax over Easter


Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Kitchen island from an old chiffonier

Hi everyone 
Hope you are having a good week. I finished the kitchen island last week and Steve and Cathy love it. Eventually they will get marble cut for the top but in the meantime they will just use it with the painted top.

Here is a close up 

They still need to build the rest of the kitchen but Cathy has some great ideas and I think it will all look pretty fabulous. 

A long way from the dusty old piece when they found it. I originally turned down this woke but so glad I reconsidered. I love painting it!

Fiona xx

Monday, March 25, 2019

What I’m working on this week

Hi everyone, hope you had a lovely weekend. Ours was fun but tiring. Jonty’s party and sleep over Friday night, lunch with Phil’s mum and sisters on Saturday, they arrived literally an hour after the boys left so I t was a quick tirnaround) . And then yesterday up the coast for my dad’s birthday. Plus the kids have a lot of assignments and I had the usual furniture pickups and deliveries and I painted a mirror and we always seem to be doing house work and folding laundry. It never ends :) I was glad to hop into bed last night.

vintage mirror Lilyfield Life

This week I am finishing the kitchen island bench for Cathy. She now wants the top painted so that’s a lot of extra work.
Here’s where I’m at the moment: bases painted, apron primed, top needs sanding right back as it’s damaged.

I also am painting this little bar unit below - already sold to a lovely customer Elle. She’s going to use it to store her router etc in. 

And I also sold the second bookcase I sourced so that needs painting. These are all from the same seller. All English oak but stained so dark.

I also want to start a sideboard that I bought from a beautiful old lady. Maybe that’s all too high hopes :)

I have two pairs of bedsides, a hall table and a glazed cabinet all arriving tomorrow also. I’ll share photos soon. 
I also am planning on swimming my laps everyday. I’m really enjoying it and getting fitter. 

Enjoy your day.
Fiona xx

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint

Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life

This beautiful bedroom set came from the Consul General to Finland. It is just so beautifully made and despite being quite old was in pretty good condition. Initially I was thinking of selling it as is but the long low drawers had a few nicks along the trim above the drawers and the tall set had quite a bad mark on the top. The rest were just perfect so it was a shame. 

I ended up painting them the same in a pale grey chalk paint with clear wax. The drawer interiors are a pale sea foam green. I love that combination.

Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life

Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life

Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life

A lovely couple who aren’t on Facebook bought this set. Their friend commented sold for them. When I went to deliver the piece I realized I knew the friend (who was there to help unload) so it was all a very nice transaction. 

Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life

Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life
Bedroom furniture in pale grey chalk paint Lilyfield Life

I really buffed these for a nice shine. I’m just so thrilled the set stayed together. 

I’m so tired tonight, we had 6 boys here for a sleep over last night for Jonty’s birthday. Such nice kids and so funny. And wow big groups of boys eat so much. 

So we are off to bed early (10:30pm which is quite early for me anyway). 

Have a good weekend
Fiona xx

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vintage oak bookcase cabinet and I found another one

Last week I bought and painted a little old English oak cabinet. The lead light panels in it were all broken so I pulled them out and inserted wire into the doors. I painted it all a warm pale grey chalk paint with a white (satin enamel) interior. It sold on the weekend and was picked up straight away.

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

I could not believe it when yesterday I bought the same piece again but this time with perfect leadlight. The buyer who was Next in line on the last sale was thrilled to snap it up and have it custom painted. She’s deciding colours and will let me know. 

Here’s the one with the broken leadlughts. Same piece!

I also bought a matching little drinks cabinet that will paint up beautifully also.  All lovely old pieces made in England.

Hope you are having a good week 
Fiona xx

Monday, March 18, 2019

Before and after Fusion ash bedside tables

These bedsides sold before painting and my customer asked for them in Fusion Mineral Paint Ash, distressed finish and waxed. 

fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life

The interiors I painted in a putty coloured satin enamel.  These were so clean and nice walnut stained timber so probably didn’t need painting but what the customers asks for, the customer gets.  My customer supplied new handles to complete the look. I’m pretty sure these are available at Bunnings. Really nice with the Ash. 

fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life

Here are the before photos. Nice and solid but the tops were damaged and all just so orange. I sanded these down completely to bare timber. Always makes me happy when all the damage is sanded off.

Just a note you may be able to see in the before photo that the seller had used sticky tape to close the drawers. It’s really important to remove all sticky residue before painting. Gum or stickiness really will mess with your paint adhesion.

Have a good weekend 
Fiona xx

Friday, March 15, 2019

What I’m working on this week

Good morning! I thought I might show you a few pieces I’m working on this week.  A few small pieces and a few big ones.

lilyfield life chiffonier kitchen island

How amazing is this antique chiffonier that I am helping transform into a kitchen island for my wonderful clients  Cathy and Steve. We took the amazing and enormous mirror off and I’ll also be painting it.  It is going to be hung over Cathy’s lounge at the other end of this large open room. The chiffonier is getting painted a taupe with white trim and a marble top.  Very Lilyfield Life . I have the bases here at my studio to paint and then next week I will paint the top section and the mirrors onsite.

lilyfieldlife cabinet

While I’m working on that I’m fitting in a few small pieces. This quirky little bench cupboard that has an embroidered cushion top and cupboard below. Such a cute old piece. It sold straight away. 

I turned this mirror from champagne colour to gold with black showing through for Alana. Didn’t even get a chance to take good photos :)  super messy cramped studio - keeping it real .

Those bedsides in the reflection above are now almost finished painting and are already sold. I’ll share them soon.

I have almost finished this oak cabinet also. The lead light was all broken so I ripped it out and will put in wire for the doors. It’s looking really good already. Here’s the before (but after I removed the glass)

I have also been sewing some cushions and have them available for sale if you want. They fit a 50x50cm cushion and are $50 each cover only (or $65 with cushion insert). Available for postage. 

This ink grey stripe...

And navy ticking ones

ticking cushions lilyfield life

I also have these stunning vintage double bow front drawers available as is. If it doesn’t sell I’ll be painting it and listing it next week.

I sold a few small pieces also this week.
These divine vintage lamps I gilded. They were so tarnished that I decided they were beyond polishing.

And I also sold this sweet console table
Just love it. 

Somemlovely pieces to be working on.
Hope you have also had a good week
Fiona xx