Tuesday, February 25, 2020

A few interesting pieces lately

Good morning! I have been knee deep in sourcing homewares and  an you believe it looking at Christmas homewares already. I have found some beautiful pieces that I’m really excited to with you over the next year. 

On the furniture front I have been busy as always. I thought I’d share a few different pieces I have painted lately. Most of these have already sold.

I finished this vintage hexagonal table yesterday, painted in black chalk paint and black waxed. I love the bamboo detail. Such a handy table for a lamp or vignette. Also I will be stocking these beautiful faux dried hydrangeas so let me know if you want to purchase them. (The table has sold with a few people wanting it).

This beautiful secretaire is made by master craftsmen Beard Watson. I have painted it graphite and given it a super smooth finish. I absolutely love this desk and always love the mix of graphite against timber so left the interior the original timber. The detailed apron of this is lovely. 

The beautiful artwork is a vintage Australian painting and is still available $145.

I have had quite a few vintage bird ages lately and they have all sold except for this one. This is a lovely old timber birdcage with timber spikes (they are often metal wore). 

Available: a large timber bird cage that’s completely timber, even the cage spokes (usually metal). The black paint is quite chippy but the birdcage is in perfect condition besides that. Lifts into three parts. A lovely piece. I think decorative but actually big enough for a small bird. (But no pull out tray for cleaning so there’s that :) )
I personally would be using it for styling.
41w x 31d x 75h cm
Pickup Lilyfield or postage available

My favourite quirky piece lately has been this little rocking horse that’s heading off to Bec near Bendigo.

This horse was all coloured (muted colours but not ones I particularly liked) so I painted it grey then dry brushed it white. I love the look of it now. Much more me :) 

Wishing you a lovely day

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Chalk painted upholstered ottoman

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely weekend. It was our anniversary yesterday and we had a lovely dinner at One Ford Street, an Italian restaurant in Balmain. Phil gave me beautiful roses for Valentine’s/anniversary. 

lilyfield life chalk paint fabric upholstery ottoman

First thing this morning I had some customers come to pickup some lovely bedside tables...

And then we headed to the beach for a swim (despite this sign)

And this afternoon I finished this ottoman I painted for our lounge room. Originally this was dark brown and mustard yellow stripes with dark brown timber. So much nicer now. I painted the whole thing with Jolie Swedish Grey and then some white paint on the details. 

lilyfield life chalk paint fabric upholstery ottoman

lilyfield life chalk paint fabric upholstery ottoman

Chalk painted fabric feels like aged leather or soft canvas and doesn’t crack. The best thing about it is that it is now super easy to keep clean. The trick to painting fabric is to :
1) water down the paint
2) lots of light coats rather than thick paint
3) give it a really really good sand 
4) wax top coat

What do you think? A nice addition to this corner of my lounge room? 

Have a great Sunday evening. 
Fiona xx

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Pretty vintage French bedside tables

Just love these beautiful bedsides that I painted and sold yesterday. Loads of gorgeous details and so practical. I have painted them in my usual warm pale grey chalk paint and used a little black wax in the crevices to add a bit of umphh to the details. 

How lovely are the handles, with little hand embroidered centers. So unusual. Amazing detail.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Lots of black painted furniture

When Michelle came to pickup the long chest of drawers I had painted black and she bought for her spare room, she asked me what other treasure did I have. What a question! 

She selected these gorgeous pieces and asked them to be painted black as well. I just love them all.

lilyfield life black American bow drawers chalk paint

lilyfield life black American bow bedside tables drawers chalk paint
The chest on chest is from America and I bought it from a lady who brought it out from the Seattle. I couldn’t believe she was selling it as they are so hard to find in Australia. But she wanted space so I took it off her hands :) 

lilyfield life black American bow drawers chalk paint

smooth finish chalk paint lilyfieldlife

The bedside tables have been sitting in my
Carport unpainted for months. Good to have a turn over of inventory and get these sold and painted. I love the three drawer one with the serpentine front. So lovely and excellent craftsmanship.

I’m taking tomorrow off and taking the kids on a little road trip, or perhaps I should say Sasha is taking is as she has her Ls and will be driving! 

Fingers crossed for us :)
Fiona. X

Vintage table restored with Jolie Graphite

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

Some before and afters are just fantastic. Claire brought me this table and it was in a BAD way. Veneer peeling off and she had started painting it and there were brush marks everywhere and the tanins had bled through her paint. 

One of my furniture painting friends said oh Fiona, I would throw that in the bin :) 
I removed all the veneer as there was no saving it. I used a scraper, a razor blade and a heat gun to do it. A lot of of came off very easily and I was going great guns but then of course I hit the hard parts and it took me hours and I was regretting my life choices and wondering why I wasn’t sitting at a desk in a beautiful suit in a corporate career :) 

Once I had finally got all the veneer off I thoroughly sanded them entire piece. Ply wood can be very rough and I wanted it to be super smooth ready for my paint.  I also always remove the leaves (the bit that fold down) when painting these tables so you can properly paint all the edges and underneath. A bit of a pain but worth it. 

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

Three coats of Jolie Paints graphite and three coats of a clear sealer later and it looked so different. Ready for another 100 years. 

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

Claire and her family were thrilled with it. 
I know I always say it but how good is paint. 
Fiona xx
vintage table Jolie graphite lilyfield life

Monday, January 20, 2020

Vintage oak kitchen cabinet

Hello! Hope you had a wonderful weekend and weren’t battered by hail. Crazy wether we have been having. It seems to have completely missed Lilyfield and we only had a light rain.

This morning I finished a gorgeous old oak kitchen cabinet. Originally I wanted to restore the timber but there was a mark in the top that just wasn’t budging so out came the paint. 

I have used a beautiful French greenish grey with white in the inside of the upper cabinet. I love this colour, very similar to eucalyptus leaves, silvery green grey. A lovely neutral that isn’t beige :) 

One of my favourite parts of this piece (along with the amazing old lead light doors) is the pull out cutting board. Oh my beating heart. 

This piece is now for sale. Details are below:

Available: a beautiful old oak kitchen cabinet offering wonderful storage and display for your treasures. Painted in a lovely neutral French green-grey (eucalyptus gum leaves) with white inside the lead light cabinet. The lead light doors are in perfect condition and beautiful old glass. I love the simplicity of them. A pull out bread board, lockable cupboard with original key and three dovetailed smooth sliding drawers. Small gap on sides of base from age but structurally sound. 

Separates into two pieces for transport.

 Just love this one. 

119w x 54d x 173h cm


Pickup Lilyfield or please ask for a delivery quote

Tomorrow I am working on a bedroom set for a lovely customer. She came recently to pick up a piece she bought and asked “what else do You have that I would like?”. What till you see what she chose. 

Have a wonderful day, hopefully less humid :)
Fiona xx

Saturday, January 18, 2020

Around home lately

Thought I’d share a few snaps from around home and at the beach lately. 

New pet: Maverick , Sasha’s pet budgie 

New bedside lamps : so beautiful and so much better for our room than our old ones. 

We still love our renovations, 6 years on and so happy with what we did.  

Some beach shots from the last month...it’s not been fantastic obviously with bushfires, smoke and now rain but still a few nice days and who can complain really :) I really hope you are all safe and going okay xx

Hope you’re having a good weekend
Fiona xx