Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stunning! French enamel blue hall table

I love a pop of blue for furniture. I think it really ties in well with a neutral palette. This blue is a custom mix and I think it looks very like the old French enamel pitchers that you see. 

french enamel painted furniture

french enamel painted furniture

I distressed this piece much more than I normally would because I thought it suited it. Such a nice little hall table. I had a little of the paint left over so I mixed a bright blue for this little bench seat below. This would be a great piece to sit on and put your shoes on in the hallway or good at the end of a kid's bed.

french enamel painted furniture

Available: Super cute: I couldn't pass this one up. Little rustic oak chest of drawers for the end of a single bed or in the hallway. Good place to sit to slip your shoes on. Could also work to pop the tv on it. Small split in timber top. Painted in a custom mix chalk paint. 
87w x 43d x 45h cm
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french enamel painted furniture

french enamel painted furniture

cheers Fiona xx

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Another upholstered ottoman

When I shared the ottoman I painted and upholstered for our lounge room a few months ago a lot of people asked for one. I came across another beautiful ottoman, this second one was a beautiful vintage French piece not a reproduction. I tried to sell it stripped and natural at first because I think it was absolutely lovely that way but then when it didn't sell for a month or so I decided to do it up the same as mine and it sold within seconds. Just goes to show that your market wants what they follow you for. Painted furniture :)

lilyfield life french ottoman striped fabric

lilyfield life french ottoman striped fabric

lilyfield life french ottoman striped fabric

lilyfield life french ottoman striped fabric

My beautiful girl's birthday today so I will keep this blog post short. have a great day
Fiona xx

Monday, August 14, 2017

A beautiful French commode in ASCP Graphite

a french commode painted in ASCP Graphite by Lilyfield Life

Good morning! I hope you had a lovely weekend. I spent a lot of time re-potting my orchids. They were my Grandad's and I treasure them. I have loads of fronds this year so I'm even more motivated to take care of them :)  It really does your soul good to garden doesn't it - getting your hands dirty and taking care of a living things. Saying that my hands are always dirty with paint but nice to feel the soil between your fingers.

lilyfield life garden

I also had a chance to rephotograph a beautiful old french commode that I have for sale at the moment. I love this piece. Such a beautiful shape. I have painted this piece in ASCP Graphite with a waxed finish. 

a french commode painted in ASCP Graphite by Lilyfield Life

 A stunning old commode from France. A statement piece for any room: Solid timber and easy sliding dovetailed drawers. Painted in ASCP Graphite with a waxed finish. Beautifully silky smooth to touch, minimal brush marks as always. A piece to treasure: I think it would be amazing in an entrance way or bedroom: even as a very large bedside table; imagine it between two single beds. 
92w x 48d x 78h cm
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a french commode painted in ASCP Graphite by Lilyfield Life

a french commode painted in ASCP Graphite by Lilyfield Life

a french commode painted in ASCP Graphite by Lilyfield Life

a french commode painted in ASCP Graphite by Lilyfield Life

How beautiful is the shape of this one. 

I am also hoping to finish a French cupboard today. I'm just waiting on a new piece of marble for the top. A bit of an extravagance but it will make this piece amazing. 

Fiona x

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It's good to be home

We're home and slowly settling back to normal programming :) I'll be back blogging regularly with lots of painted furniture and tutorials. I've got some great things to share and also still a few posts from the end of our trip. 

In the meantime here's some photos of the house. It's been lovely coming back, being here in our nice cosy home and catching up with friends. 

Lots of blue and white: my favourite combination. And a new little Gail McCormark painting. Love her work.

Believe it or not, I still have lots of little projects to do around the house. The house itself is finished but I haven't got all the furniture looking how I want and still have some empty walls for art. As you all know, it's an ongoing process isn't it. I prefer a slowly gathered, curated home that evolves over time even if it means you always have a to do list in the back of your mind. 

Have a lovely day. I'm off to Jonty's class room for Education week. Last year of primary school. The years are flying by quickly.

Fiona xx

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Vieste, Gargano Peninsula in Puglia. Love this town. Better than Amalfi

It's true - I really do think the Gargano Peninsula is better than the Amalfi coast. The Amalfi coast, while gorgeous, is such hard work walking up and down all the steep steps. And it is so busy and full of tourists. Honestly for me seeing anyone follow a tourist guide holding up a stick with a fluffy toy on the end of it getting 40 international tourists to follow them, makes me want to run in the opposite direction. Anyway Phil and I spent a week on the Amalfi coast years ago so we decided to have a week at the beach in Vieste, Puglia. Best decision:)

We stayed 6 nights at the Hotel Falcone: a family run business: 3 generations of family, grandparents, 5 brothers and then all the kids who are working and studying at uni. They were so friendly and the hotel is so lovely and a great price. 

What a civilised way to go to the beach. Lunch in the shade with an aperol and a farmers plate : piatto rustico. We loved it all. And the water here is crystal clear. 

We went on a boat trip on the "Desiree" with Francesco and his dad. They are great hosts and the boat trip in the grottoes and cliff lined beaches was amazing. Well worth the 20E a person. Just a half day trip but we swam at the beach lined with white cliffs and it was divine. I came home and slept 3 hours straight in the afternoon that I never do. 

Vieste is an old walled town with marble streets and beautiful views. We celebrated Phil's 45th birthday. Beautiful seafood dinner and lots of fun.

What great views. We were almost crying leaving Vieste. One of the grandkids, Juicy,who worked in the hotel had also studied engineering (like me and Phil) and she was so gorgeous and friendly and we now want her to come visit us in Australia. Funny how you can connect with people completely different ages but really like them a lot.

So relaxed and happy 😊 

 Lots of photos of Vieste but I think it's definitely underrated. Maybe I should be the Italian ambassador:)

Fiona xx

Monday, July 17, 2017

Spello, Italy: Italy's most beautiful town

They say that Spello in Umbria is Italy's most beautiful town and I'd agree. We left Verona and headed south. We had heard about Spello after watching SBS's Italy Uncovered and knew we wanted to go. You can see why....

Spello is a beautiful little walled hill top town, about 10 minutes from Assisi. We were so glad we had chosen to stay here. We stayed in a lovely B&B just at the edge of the old town which had lovely rooms and a beautiful pool. I'll pop the link below if any of you ever get to this beautiful place. 

The town is filled with flowers in pots and there are some annual flower competitions : one for the most beautiful street and then a festival for pictures made from flowers. We didn't see that as I thinknit is in August when it's a bit cooler. 

We first night we were in Spello there was a disco in the main square: free for everyone and such a lovely summer vibe. They even played my favourite Italian song: L'ombelico Del Mondo by Jiovanotti. So good.  There were little stalls with all the regional food. The porchetta paninis were spicy and delicious.  

We also spent an afternoon in Assisi- such a religious town. Good for an afternoon visit but I preferred spelloto stay in.

We B&B we stayed in is called B&B Villamena and we found it via The pool is fantastic. What a beautiful place to relax after a day exploring. The kids were so happy playing in it also. 

Good to get off to major international tourist route and go to a quiet little town. bliss.  Hope you are happy to s
ee all my photos. I did cull them but there are just so many beautiful things to see.