Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Vintage oak bookcase cabinet and I found another one

Last week I bought and painted a little old English oak cabinet. The lead light panels in it were all broken so I pulled them out and inserted wire into the doors. I painted it all a warm pale grey chalk paint with a white (satin enamel) interior. It sold on the weekend and was picked up straight away.

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

English oak vintage cabinet Lilyfield Life

I could not believe it when yesterday I bought the same piece again but this time with perfect leadlight. The buyer who was Next in line on the last sale was thrilled to snap it up and have it custom painted. She’s deciding colours and will let me know. 

Here’s the one with the broken leadlughts. Same piece!

I also bought a matching little drinks cabinet that will paint up beautifully also.  All lovely old pieces made in England.

Hope you are having a good week 
Fiona xx

Monday, March 18, 2019

Before and after Fusion ash bedside tables

These bedsides sold before painting and my customer asked for them in Fusion Mineral Paint Ash, distressed finish and waxed. 

fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life

The interiors I painted in a putty coloured satin enamel.  These were so clean and nice walnut stained timber so probably didn’t need painting but what the customers asks for, the customer gets.  My customer supplied new handles to complete the look. I’m pretty sure these are available at Bunnings. Really nice with the Ash. 

fusion ash bedside tables Lilyfield Life

Here are the before photos. Nice and solid but the tops were damaged and all just so orange. I sanded these down completely to bare timber. Always makes me happy when all the damage is sanded off.

Just a note you may be able to see in the before photo that the seller had used sticky tape to close the drawers. It’s really important to remove all sticky residue before painting. Gum or stickiness really will mess with your paint adhesion.

Have a good weekend 
Fiona xx

Friday, March 15, 2019

What I’m working on this week

Good morning! I thought I might show you a few pieces I’m working on this week.  A few small pieces and a few big ones.

lilyfield life chiffonier kitchen island

How amazing is this antique chiffonier that I am helping transform into a kitchen island for my wonderful clients  Cathy and Steve. We took the amazing and enormous mirror off and I’ll also be painting it.  It is going to be hung over Cathy’s lounge at the other end of this large open room. The chiffonier is getting painted a taupe with white trim and a marble top.  Very Lilyfield Life . I have the bases here at my studio to paint and then next week I will paint the top section and the mirrors onsite.

lilyfieldlife cabinet

While I’m working on that I’m fitting in a few small pieces. This quirky little bench cupboard that has an embroidered cushion top and cupboard below. Such a cute old piece. It sold straight away. 

I turned this mirror from champagne colour to gold with black showing through for Alana. Didn’t even get a chance to take good photos :)  super messy cramped studio - keeping it real .

Those bedsides in the reflection above are now almost finished painting and are already sold. I’ll share them soon.

I have almost finished this oak cabinet also. The lead light was all broken so I ripped it out and will put in wire for the doors. It’s looking really good already. Here’s the before (but after I removed the glass)

I have also been sewing some cushions and have them available for sale if you want. They fit a 50x50cm cushion and are $50 each cover only (or $65 with cushion insert). Available for postage. 

This ink grey stripe...

And navy ticking ones

ticking cushions lilyfield life

I also have these stunning vintage double bow front drawers available as is. If it doesn’t sell I’ll be painting it and listing it next week.

I sold a few small pieces also this week.
These divine vintage lamps I gilded. They were so tarnished that I decided they were beyond polishing.

And I also sold this sweet console table
Just love it. 

Somemlovely pieces to be working on.
Hope you have also had a good week
Fiona xx

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Looking for a vintage mirror?

Umm...I may have gone overboard on the vintage mirrors!

vintage mirror lilyfield life

So many stunning ones:

vintage mirror lilyfield life

From super fancy ones to a French antique below- carved timber and so beautiful 

Pristine condition also

vintage mirror lilyfield life

Painted ones

vintage mirror lilyfield life

vintage mirror lilyfield life

And heavy plaster ones full of details

vintage mirror lilyfield life

And I have a few more I still need to list for sale.
If anyone is interested in ajny of them please ask for details
Fiona xx

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

A few chalk painted vintage dressing tables

Good morning! Look at me go with my blogging, three days in a row ha ha! I have done quite a few dressing tables lately. While I’m actually painting them, I’m always thinking “Not my favourite pieces to paint” to be honest but I absolutely love them when I’m finished.

Here are some I have painted over the last few months and below a couple of tips for you if you find yourself with one to paint.

This one below was bought by a lovely customer in Lake Cathie. She also bought some little mismatched bedsides I painted in the same white. Such a pretty set.

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage bedside tables

A friend of ours saw the one above and asked me to find her one similar. It took me a while but I ended up finding her this one below.

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

She wanted a stool for it and I managed to find an amazing vintage Italian one.

My friend was going to give this to her daughter but now says she’s keeping it herself and her daughter can just inherit it in years to come. high praise indeed. 

I have painted this vintage piece in a beautiful ivory custom mix and clear waxed it and a touch of dark wax in the details and the drawers’ interiors are painted FMP Putty. 

Then just before Christmas I sourced this vintage serpentine dressing table and a few weeks ago I finally got around to painting it. 

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

This piece has now sold to one of my regular customers Alanna (who now swears she can’t buy any more of my furniture as her house is FULL!! Ha I have heard that before. 
But another customer Lauren wrote to me and said “I have almost the exact same dressing table and can you paint it the same and find me a seat”. Here’s the one I did for Lauren.

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

Lilyfield Life Hand painted vintage dressing table

How cute is the stool. I made this stone coloured ticking slip cover : so proud of my piping efforts ha ha. I’ve been scared of making piping for years and honestly it’s easy! Sometimes you just have to watch a couple of You Tube videos and get cracking :)

So my tips for painting dressing tables:
Take them all apart: mirror off, mirror holder off, drawers out etc.
Clean / sand / prime
A lot of these dressing tables are very shiny cedar and I believe need sanding and pruning: up to you though :)
Turn the base upside down and paint underneath and the legs. Much easier if it’s inside down.
Turn right way around and paint. I also like to paint and deal the interior of the drawers for a professional look. 
I almost always will do three coats of a water based sealer for the top so it’s spray and wipeable and can handle makeup spills.

Which dressing table is your favourite? Are you a fan of them? 

Fiona xx

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

When your friends buy your furniture

Recently my beautiful friend Jenny who lives in Brisbane bought quite a few pieces of furniture from me and had them shipped to her home. Jenny and I met when we were in our late 20s - at Banana Bungalow - a slightly dodgy but extremely fun hostel in West Hollywood. I was backpacking by myself up the west coast of the US then heading to London and Europe for a year. Jenny and her (now our) friend Jodie were also heading to London to work and had stopped off in LA. We all got on like a house on fire, hung out for a year in London then all eventually moved home to Australia, Jenny with an English husband and three girls.  Jodie now lives in Sydney and the three of us still have fun together.  

Jenny has been saying she wanted some of my pieces for years but I never expect my friends to buy pieces as most of us have fully furnished houses already. So last year when Jenny made some purchases I was pleasantly surprised. This is what she ended up buying. Beautiful pieces and I’m so thrilled for her to have them in her lovely home. 

Firstly Jenny bought these lovely white bedside tables. I painted these in a bright white chalk paint with a dark duck egg blue interior. They have a waxed finished and gently distressed. I can’t remember what the original handles were like (probably timber knobs) but I replaced them with these bronze cup handles. 

Jenny also mentioned she was on the lookout for something with a lot of storage for her dining room. A few days later I came across a fantastic piece from America. So well made and a beautiful shape. I painted the base either ASCP Graphite or Fusion Ash - it’s terrible but I can’t even remember now. I should take better notes :) and the top I sanded back and stained and sealed. The hardware i polished up for a regal look.

This piece was fantastic - it even had a removable tray for cutlery and a built in polishing cloth. Here is the before photo. 

Jenny also bought these beautiful side tables. I absolutely loves these- really unusual and pretty.

Isn’t it nice when one of your closest friends loves what you do and buys your stuff. It really thrilled me, to be honest. 

I also wanted to say thanks so much for all the beautiful messages about Beth’s unit and the furniture. I really appreciate your time to respond and your kind words.

Thanks so much
Fiona xx