Monday, September 26, 2016

A Modern Black Console - mixing it up.

Good morning. It's school holidays here and I've no school lunches to pack and no children to get out the door (well I have the children till but they can sleep in) so I'm sitting down with my coffee to write a blog post in my quiet house.

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

This black console table was picked up yesterday. While it is much more modern than a lot of my pieces, I really liked it. I was actually surprised by how many people said "that's not Lilyfield Life!". Even my sister commented. When I bought it, the timber was very dark and the mahogany Balinese stain was very marked. I stripped and sanded to top back to raw timber and waxed it until it was silky smooth. A friend who also paints furniture felt the top and said "wow it is so smooth". I know its hard to tell when buying and viewing on the internet but my finishes are always extremely smooth and silky and you won't feel brush marks or any roughness. I love sanding and love a smooth finish.

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

For the base I used a jet black chalk paint, two coats and then top coated with clear wax. Phil and I both loved this console more than we expected to. It looked great here at the bottom of our staircase. The buyers were very happy with it.

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

Always good to do something a little different.

I also have a lovely timber MCM style chest of drawers for sale. 
These gorgeous campaign drawers have been buffed and polished and the timber looks beautiful. There is some splitting between a couple planks of teak but I have used melding brackets internally to rejoin them so it is all solid and secure. Splits aren't particularly noticeable. Solid timber and drawers on timber sliders. Brass hardware and mounted campaign corners.
90w x 46d x 74hcm
Pickup Lilyfield

MCM Campaign drawers by Lilyfield Life

Hope you have a good day. It looks like it's going to be a lovely one
Fiona x

Modern timber console painted jet black chalk paint by Lilyfield Life

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Springtime and Painted Furniture

Good morning, I've been remiss blogging ebcuase the photo mechanism (picasa) that I used for blogging has been retired and it's taken me a while to sit down and research how to upload photos. Finally sorted it this morning. Hopefully...

Spring is definitely here and our garden is recovering from winter and months of neglect. We are also enjoying fresh cut flowers from the markets. How beautiful are these ranunculi. 

This is the wisteria outside our kitchen window at the moment. Such a splash of colour.

Our orchids are doing so well this year also. 

I have been painting and selling one or more pieces of furniture a day which is fantastic but a bit tiring. I'm looking forward to a break. It's such a logistics battle for me, moving furniture every day in my small space. I dream of a warehouse :) I was trying to rent a garage in a block of flats opposite our house but the owner of the block isn't interested despite there being 5 empty garages. Such a shame.

This is a sweet little serpentine cabinet I painted recently. It was in pretty bad shape when I bought it. The varnish was very degraded and it had heaps of scratches etc. I decided to paint it in ASCP Duck Egg Blue and distress it gently. Just a simple paint job but pretty.

I also picked up this gorgeous rattan chair and gave it a new life with paint and antiquing wax. I've actually painted this exact chair before and both times was tempted to keep them but hey, how many chairs do I need?

enjoy your day
Fiona xx

Friday, September 9, 2016

A gentleman's press, a console and my antiques booth

On Wednesday I was home all day and managed to finish several pieces. I love a day when I don't have to run around too much and can get some productive hours in of painting.

I finished this lovely fitted gentleman's press. I adore cupboards like this with either shelves or drawers inside or a mix like this one. I painted the exterior in a lovely taupe that I mixed using ASCP French Linen, Paris grey and white. The drawers I painted in a seafoamy duck egg that I mixed from ASCP Duck Egg, Louis Blue and White. The hardware on this piece in lovely. The handles lie very flat so the doors shut nicely.

I also painted a sweet vintage demi lune console. These are always a lovely addition to a room with a bowl of flowers on them or an ornament.

I was talking to a friend this week about how I got started as a furniture painter and shared with her these photos of my booth in an antiques centre that I got asked to be in when I was just starting out. These are some of my first painted pieces. Claire said it looks like my house - what can i say; my style is my style :)

The antiques centre was literally at the end of my street and I just loved having a booth there. Unfortunately the guy who ran it was quite dodgy and it eventually went into receivership. A lot of people had trouble getting their stock but. I'd already seen the writing on the wall and had given up my space. I was selling most of my stuff here on my blog anyway. (Thank you to you lovely customers and readers). I wonder if anyone who is reading today has been here this long?
Fiona xx 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

A couple of little Armoires

Good morning! We have a couple of tired kids this morning. Jonty danced in the Dancesport Challenge last night making it into the finals for salsa. We were so proud of him and his partner Katie, and of all the kids participating from our school. They all looked gorgeous and had worked so hard. That's my boy in the middle :)

I've had some lovely furniture to paint lately. Two little french style cabinets - armoires that if I'm totally honest were excruciating to paint but a lovely result.

This lovely glass cabinet is still for sale. Details below. I have painted in my special French green grey finish. I really love this colour. For many years I have searched for a paint similar to one I saw on a beautiful old french cabinet. This colour is the closest I have found and i always love it on a piece.  It is a green based grey and very subtle. It's the colour I painted the cabinet in my lounge room that people always comment on and love. The cabinet I could have sold 100 times over but I don't want to part with :)

if this doesn't sell I will happily keep it also.

french style armoire cabinet by Lilyfield Life

The inside is painted with a white satin paint and the exterior in a french grey chalk paint, distressed and waxed.  Painting around all the glass is not something I enjoy ;)

This is just a lovely piece of furniture that will look great in any room. I would love to see it in a bathroom packed with rolled white towels, pretty bottles of bubble path and perfume and little wicker baskets filled with makeup :) but seriously it's going to look fabulous anywhere 😍
The lock works if you need to lock away your pretty things :)
76w x 46d x 160h cm
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french style armoire cabinet by Lilyfield Life

french style armoire cabinet by Lilyfield Life

in progress below.

french style armoire cabinet by Lilyfield Life

The second french style cabinet has already sold. Off to a little girl's bedroom. I painted it all in a bright white satin enamel and left it undistressed. I thought it would be perfect for a baby's room so made it all clean and white. 

french style armoire cabinet by Lilyfield Life

french style armoire cabinet by Lilyfield Life

I have a few more lovely pieces up this week. Working hard and loving it. 
Hope you have a good day
Fiona xx

french style armoire cabinet by Lilyfield Life

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bedside Tables and A pretty Courtyard

Good morning my friends! My kids have both left early for school so I thought before I get stuck into work, I'd share some recent pieces.

Firstly I wanted to show you Kim's courtyard. She recently bought a lovely ornate coffee table that I painted had white using a paint that is perfect for outdoors. Kim has used the coffee table to create a very pretty outdoor setting. The chairs are from Kmart, how nice do they look? Seeing this setting makes me wonder why I didn't keep the table myself. I could sit there and drink coffee all morning :)

beautiful outdoor setting furniutre by lilyfield life

These bedside tables that I finished yesterday are pine and not particularly old but I liked their shape, especially the beveled edge to the drawer front. 

ASCP Custom mixed grey; hand painted furniture by lilyfield life

ASCP Custom mixed grey; hand painted furniture by lilyfield life

ASCP Custom mixed grey; hand painted furniture by lilyfield life

These have been painted in a very pale grey that I mixed using ASCP Chalk Paint and I've waxed and buffed till they shine. Lots and lots of sanding on these to get a beautiful smooth finish.
Sometimes simple things are the best. 

62w x 45dx 66h cm
$385 the pair.
Pick up Lilyfield

I have some other pretty pieces coming up later today (listed tonight on IG and Facebook). I love these pieces together and think you could create a room around them.  Pieces like these really thrill me as you see the details emerge as you add paint. When they were dark timber you couldn't appreciate any of that scrolliness (I'm sure that's a word!)
These only have one coat of paint on them below but as soon as I finish typing this post, I'll be starting work on them again.

hand painted furniture by lilyfield life

Enjoy your day
Fiona xx

ASCP Custom mixed grey; hand painted furniture by lilyfield life

ASCP Custom mixed grey; hand painted furniture by lilyfield life

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Mixing Greys and small chest of drawers

mixing greys with ASCP Chalk Paint

I've been having a lot of fun mixing my own colours rather than using the paint it of the can. I love ASCP Paris Grey but sometimes find it too blue for the look I want. French Linen is also lovely but sometimes too green based for you you may want. The best thing then is to start mixing paint! I created this lovey neutral tone grey by using ASCP Paris Grey, French linen, Old White and a little Duck Egg. Perfect for these small handy drawers. 

mixing greys with ASCP Chalk Paint

mixing greys with ASCP Chalk Paint

Don't the drawers look lovely with the orchids from my garden. It's a bumper crop this year. They do say treat orchid meanly. It's certainly working :)


I have lots of lovey painting pieces to share this week and some more photos from around home.  We've had a busy few weeks with sick kids, Phil splitting his head open and needing lots of stitches and our gorgeous girl turning 13 earlier this week. People keep telling me horror stories of their lovely girls turning feral at 13. I can't imagine it happening with her but touch wood :)

Pop back tomorrow for a new post. 
Hope you are still reading.
Fiona xx

mixing greys with ASCP Chalk Paint

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

French Console and Adding Patina

Good morning! I've been up early this morning as Sasha is sick - I suspect it's tonsillitis and will take her to the doctor this morning. Poor girl. She's so uncomplaining and lovely even when feverish and in pain.  I wish I could say she gets it from me :)

Adding patina to painted furniture for a french look by Lilyfield Life

I finished this little French console yesterday. I'm very happy with how it turned out. I wanted to get a similar finish to an old french console that I saw recently. That old European patina that you see - it sometimes looks like burnished stone even.

adding old world french patina to furniture Lilyfield Life

I used a pale taupe chalk paint for the base coats and then added layers of clear and dark wax and white chalk paint to add patina. Loosely highlighting areas that were raised to add dimensions.  I am really happy with the end result.

Here are some tutorials I wrote about adding patina

adding old world french patina to furniture Lilyfield Life

The console is sold pending but drop me a line if you are interested.

adding old world french patina to furniture Lilyfield Life

On the weekend we celebrated my niece's 18th birthday at my sisters. I thought these photos were pretty to share. 

Well I had better coffee up for the day ahead. Hope you have a good one (and the my girl gets better)
Fiona xx

Thursday, August 4, 2016

American navy blue serpentine drawers

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

I finished these drawers last week and was just so happy with how they turned out. I can be fairly critical of my own work but I was thrilled with the finish and even sheen on these. 

To be honest I could have easily sold these unpainted as they only needed a really good polish and a few touch ups but I had a customer see them while she was picking up other furniture and she fell in love with them and asked for them to be navy.

Looks like 12 drawers but it's actually 9 as the bottom row is double depth which offers wonderful storage for bulky items.

This gorgeous dresser comes with such an interesting history. The man I bought it from was the finance advisor for the Australian embassy in Washington DC in the 80's. Because he was so senior, he and his wife were allocated a huge beautiful house filled with lovely furniture. When they returned to Australia, they were offered the furniture as well. Who could say no? Fast forward many years, they are now downsizing and along I came with my trusty paintbrush and some beautiful navy blue paint. 

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

I only have a few bad photos of this as found the navy quite hard to captrue in my relatively dark studio. These drawers are quite big and high - 1.6m long). They looks smaller in the photo above 

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

The brass handles came up beautifully with some polish - I love the brass against the navy. Very ambassadorial - so fitting for this pieces history.

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

Pieces like this are hard for me to let go of. We actually have the matching nightstands to this (that I bought from a guy from New York and painted white years ago). Sasha says she wants her own house so she can furnish it all with my work. My own little fan club :) Although I never want her to move out of home.

navy blue painted serpentine drawers by Lilyfield Life

I thought I'd also share my orchids that are now blooming. These were my mum's and before that my grandfathers. 'They are now over 50 years old and I have such beautiful memories of my grandad pottering in his orchid house. So grateful they are still blooming.  there are lots more fronds about to burst so i think it's going to be a good year for them.

Have a good day.
Fiona xx