Friday, June 3, 2022

Antique pigeon hole cabinet- so beautiful

I am so out of practice blogging and have so much to share including launching my own paint range! I will write a post over the weekend with all the details. 

In the meantime I thought I’d share this gorgeous antique pigeon holencabient I have for sale at the moment. I just love it! 

So useful and attractive. If it doesn’t get snapped up I might use it to store the homewares I have for sale.

It has a few bumps and marks but great condition for its age. (1920s Art Deco piece) 

Available: a fantastic antique oak cabinet with fitted pigeon holes. So much useful storage and the patina on the timber is beautiful. A few marks and bumps but great considering its age. So many uses for this piece. Nice base to it also. 
100w x 40d x 165h cm 
(Now sold) 
Pickup Lilyfield or delivery can be quoted.
(Would love this to be picked up this weekend as I have zero storage at the moment )

Let me know if you are keen
Hope you are going okay and still reading this blog 
Fiona xx


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