Friday, March 31, 2017

Recent finds

I thought I'd share some gorgeous little things I have found recently. Emma was selling a load pieces on Instagram and so I decided to pick up a few of them to make the pickup trip worth my while. Emma is a stylist and it definitely shows in the sale photos.

A lovely Indian metal bell that will work well as a styling piece for my painted furniture. Love the patina on this. Look out for it on a piece soon :)

These deer antlers are very cute. 

Sasha snapped up this marble topped box already for her bedroom. She loves little boxes and drawers. God knows what she keeps in them.

This old paper map of NSW was cheap so I bought it and may use it on a piece sometime. Nice to have a few maps around just in case I get inspired.

Emma was also selling a huge amount of books so I bought these all for inspiration. I have a friend who loves India Hicks so I will probably pass this one to her after I've had a flick through it.

I also bought three other beautiful books including a Rachel Ashwell design book so I'm looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and having a good read and to fill my head with ideas and inspiration.
For $70 it was a good haul. 

I also saw this beautiful french bench seat on my furniture hunting travels this week. Too expensive for me to buy but so beautiful. Thought you might love to see it. I love everything about this one: the carings, the paint work and especially that fabric.

Found any good things lately? I just love second hand and vintage finds
Fiona xx

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Black chalk paint : big difference

Good morning from Lilyfield on this dreary day. 
I could easily climb back into bed :)
Slow going this morning...hence why this post is later than normal although i have already gone to the supermarket and dropped into to one of my favourite haunts for furniture but I do feel I need an extra coffee to get me through the day.

I finishes these black bedside tables the other day and they sold immediately with a long line of interested parties. So glad I decided to do them in black chalk paint as I had been contemplating a french grey wash but they look very smart in the black.

black vintage bedside tables - lilyfield Life

black vintage bedside tables - lilyfield Life

and before

black vintage bedside tables - lilyfield Life

Great shape before but I had that dated brown - much nicer painted.

black vintage bedside tables - lilyfield Life

I also wanted to share some huge vases I have for sale. I bought these as they came in a huge set from a shop that was closing. I actually only wanted one but had to buy a quantity so thought I'd pass them on to you very cheaply. They retail for around double what I am selling them for

$35 each
two sizes
Pick up Lilyfield  

french pots vase

french pots vase

cheers Fiona 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Using stencils to give French flair - yes I bought some stencils!

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

I know that in the past I've said I hate stencils and only hand painted designs but over Christmas I ended up ordering some beautiful stencils from the US: beautiful intricate damask designs and fleur de lis. Designs that would take me hours and hours to hand paint. So I relaxed my self-imposed rule of no stencils and bought them. 

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

I thought this little table would be a great candidate for some French designs. I love this table now and if it doesn't sell I'll be happy to have it in my home.

Available: "Reine de tout" Queen of all!!⚜️👑
Gorgeous vintage two tiered side table: painted and stenciled in a french grey, waxed and antiqued.
56w x 43d x 74h cm
Pickup Lilyfield

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

I also used the Reine de tout stencil on this mirror below. Just love this look for a little bling. (mirror sold)

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

Not as good a photo of the mirror below but it does show the design clearly.

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

This firescreen below was in a bad way and I bought it quite cheaply.  The old varnished finish was very degraded. 

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

Normally I would sand a piece smooth first before painting but for this piece I decided to make it very rustic and so I painted and stenciled over the bumpy varnish. I then sanded the whole piece completely smooth to give such a cool chippy rustic effect.  To seal this piece I coated it with a clear sealer (not wax) as if the buyer actually used this in front of a fire the wax wouldn't hold up.  Although in the past firescreens weren't used close to a fire - they were placed in a room between the fire and the chair you were sitting on the shield the direct heat from the fire.

using stencils to give furniture some french flair Lilyfield Life

Look at the timber grain showing through the paint (this piece has sold)

I will still continue with my hand painting on pieces as I think that adds something very special but you will also see me intersperse them with some stenciled designs. 

Fiona xx

I bought my stencils from Maison De Stencils when they were on sale.

Denise from Barleycorn Vintage Stencils has some good stencils in Australia and she is an excellent resource for how to use stencils and get crisp edges. I personally hate to see stencils badly used so this post is very helpful.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Ottoman and Bench - IKEA fabric black and white stripes

A while ago I bought a little french style ottoman - it was brown timber with yellow floral fabric - not a good mix in my opinion and definitely worse for wear but the shape was gorgeous and I love having a few ottomans in the lounge room for extra seating. 

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

I'm really happy with how this turned out. I stripped off the old fabric -always the hardest part of any upholstery. I have a great little staple remover I bought in the US a few years ago. My friend who I stayed with in LA just laughed when she asked me what shops did I want to go to and I said take me to a hardware shop! The range of products in the US is just so much greater than we have here. 

Once the old fabric was stripped, I vacuumed the foam (it was in perfect condition still) and painted the timber in a ASCP Paris Grey mix that I had on hand and then white washed with Pure White over the top. This really gave a nice soft finish and brought out the details of the carvings. I then gave the piece a good distressing and sealed the paint with wax. 

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

I also used this fabric to cover an upholstered bench seat. How beautiful is this piece. It is so heavy and beautifully made. (already sold) Sasha really wanted to keep this piece and I was tempted but you know there's bills to be paid ;)

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

The fabric is from IKEA - Sofia fabric - a lovely thick cotton that's good for home furnishings and upholstery.  I have used this fabric before for a few projects and always love it.  I used it as a backdrop when I had my antiques booth. it was really effective and i just stapled it to the plywood walls. quick and easy. Looking at these photos makes me really miss having a booth.  These pieces are from when I first started doing up furniture and I am still really proud of them. I really do love painting furniture and making old things pretty again. 

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

I also have used this fabric to make a table runner for my friend. It's a really affordable, easy project.

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

I have another ottoman to do up for our lounge room but the upholstery is a way more difficult job so i will have to muster up some courage (piping and lots of sewing involved). I'll share it when I have finished.

yours faithfully in french furniture and stripes
Fiona xx

using the IKEA Sofia fabric for upholstery Lilyfield Life.

Monday, March 27, 2017

Perfect for a bathroom or nursery

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. We had a houseful of boys on Saturday night for Jonty's birthday party. He has gorgeous friends and it was just  lovely evening. The boys really make me laugh. It makes me really look forward to teenage years.

How good was the sunshine yesterday? We had almost forgotten what it's like to not have rain. We washed all the sheets and towels, went for a run and went to Parsley Bay for a walk and a swim. So beautiful and sparkly sunshine on the water.

The piece of furniture I'm sharing this morning is a quirky number. Handmade and lovely. Beautiful old timber and hand carved dovetailed drawers - I love pieces steeped in history like this.

Two very deep drawers and a cute little cupboard. Hand painted design on the door and all silky smooth and a little distressed. Interior of cupboard painted off white, drawer interiors are clean unpainted timber. 
76w x 43d x 110h cm
Pickup Lilyfield

hand painted - not stenciled - so not quite perfect. 

let me know if you are interested in this piece - I think it's such a unique piece and quite useful!
Fiona xx

Friday, March 24, 2017

Snaps from around our home

We had a birthday celebration in the house this week so I took a break from painting furniture for a day and just slowed down and pottered around the house and got things ready for a dinner celebration (and I also picked up some lovely pieces of furniture locally which is always a bonus). I snapped some photos from around the house.

 A clean laundry - unfortunately a rarity. Nice to get a photo of it when it's looking so good without clothes waiting to be washed or put away.

I recently painted and upholstered this little ottoman for our lounge room. Originally it was varnished timber with a yellow floral fabric. I had the navy and white striped fabric on hand (IKEA if you are interested) and it's a good heavyweight upholstery fabric so I thought would be nice to use against the grey paint. To get the paint effect, I first painted with ASCP Paris Grey and then white washed with watered down ASCP Pure White. Sealed with wax. I love how it turned out and it was very quick and easy.

This doggy is loving the new sofas :)
Makes me want to just lie down and cuddle him.

I also wanted to share this amazing sunrise from our bedroom window. How beautiful. The photo is untouched and the whole sky was just so magnificent. Did you see this sunrise also - I think it was late last week?

My friend Sandy who owns Paint Me White came to stay with us recently and she arrived laden with presents - for me was the grainsack cushion at the back - to match the others I have previously bought from her. She knows what I like :) Always lovely to spend time with her.

I actually bought some vintage grainsacks from France recently - mainly to make some cushions and to use in upholstery projects but I can't bring myself to cut them up so I am just enjoying the fabric to look at the moment. Probably a waste of money to some people - but such beauty to me.

Have a lovely day
Fiona xx

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vintage treasure hunting

I have such a passion for old things. And who doesn't love fossicking around second hand shops and markets for a few vintage treasures.

I've found some lovely pieces recently that I thought I'd share them with you. Some I have sold on and a few I am keeping.

lilyfield life second hand treasures

How beautiful is this lovely old basket (sold). It was in beautiful condition and so clean. I painted the little stool in a limed white (sold) and I am keeping the lovely bird cloche. Great for styling on my painted furniture. The timber dog is a present from a friend of mine. He hangs out by our front door so needs to be oiled from time to time. Looks like he needs to be oiled now - I'll get one of the kids to do it on the weekend :)

lilyfield life second hand treasures

I ended up selling this beautiful metal trinket container below. It went to the perfect person. The lady who bought it told me that her dad died a few years ago and he had been a keen fisherman. She and her siblings scattered his ashes into the river where he loved to go fishing. At the time she picked up some pebbles from the riverbed and has been looking for a container to keep them in. This pretty little silver box with the fish on top was the perfect storage for them. 

lilyfield life second hand treasures

I also found this little cheese container. Love it - it can join all my other blue and white pieces :)

lilyfield life second hand treasures

I also picked up some great mirrors recently. I sold this black and gold one but ended up keeping the French gold one below.

lilyfield life vintage mirror

I was going to sell this one below but then I popped it on our tv cabinet and just love the reflection of the chandeliers you get when sitting on the lounge. So this one is a keeper for now. 

lilyfield life french mirror

and I've kept the best for last: I just love this terracotta artichoke ornament. It is massive and heavy. It's meant for the garden but I LOVE it on my coffee table. Always love bringing the outside in. The patina on this piece is really beautiful. 

lilyfield life second hand treasures

Have you found anything cool lately. 
Don't you just love finding treasure?
We should be pirates. 

Fiona xx