Thursday, March 23, 2017

Vintage treasure hunting

I have such a passion for old things. And who doesn't love fossicking around second hand shops and markets for a few vintage treasures.

I've found some lovely pieces recently that I thought I'd share them with you. Some I have sold on and a few I am keeping.

lilyfield life second hand treasures

How beautiful is this lovely old basket (sold). It was in beautiful condition and so clean. I painted the little stool in a limed white (sold) and I am keeping the lovely bird cloche. Great for styling on my painted furniture. The timber dog is a present from a friend of mine. He hangs out by our front door so needs to be oiled from time to time. Looks like he needs to be oiled now - I'll get one of the kids to do it on the weekend :)

lilyfield life second hand treasures

I ended up selling this beautiful metal trinket container below. It went to the perfect person. The lady who bought it told me that her dad died a few years ago and he had been a keen fisherman. She and her siblings scattered his ashes into the river where he loved to go fishing. At the time she picked up some pebbles from the riverbed and has been looking for a container to keep them in. This pretty little silver box with the fish on top was the perfect storage for them. 

lilyfield life second hand treasures

I also found this little cheese container. Love it - it can join all my other blue and white pieces :)

lilyfield life second hand treasures

I also picked up some great mirrors recently. I sold this black and gold one but ended up keeping the French gold one below.

lilyfield life vintage mirror

I was going to sell this one below but then I popped it on our tv cabinet and just love the reflection of the chandeliers you get when sitting on the lounge. So this one is a keeper for now. 

lilyfield life french mirror

and I've kept the best for last: I just love this terracotta artichoke ornament. It is massive and heavy. It's meant for the garden but I LOVE it on my coffee table. Always love bringing the outside in. The patina on this piece is really beautiful. 

lilyfield life second hand treasures

Have you found anything cool lately. 
Don't you just love finding treasure?
We should be pirates. 

Fiona xx


  1. Love all your treasures fiona, thanks for sharing
    Bel xx

  2. Nice finds. I always feel happy when I find a perfect little treasure.

  3. I love it all
    Have a lovely day Fiona, just love your blogs
    Thanks Georgie

  4. Loved this post Fiona. Thanks for the 'show and tell'!

    1. Some lovely little pieces - thanks Elizabeth . Glad you are still reading. I've been so sporadic :)


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