Monday, March 27, 2017

Perfect for a bathroom or nursery

Hope you've had a lovely weekend. We had a houseful of boys on Saturday night for Jonty's birthday party. He has gorgeous friends and it was just  lovely evening. The boys really make me laugh. It makes me really look forward to teenage years.

How good was the sunshine yesterday? We had almost forgotten what it's like to not have rain. We washed all the sheets and towels, went for a run and went to Parsley Bay for a walk and a swim. So beautiful and sparkly sunshine on the water.

The piece of furniture I'm sharing this morning is a quirky number. Handmade and lovely. Beautiful old timber and hand carved dovetailed drawers - I love pieces steeped in history like this.

Two very deep drawers and a cute little cupboard. Hand painted design on the door and all silky smooth and a little distressed. Interior of cupboard painted off white, drawer interiors are clean unpainted timber. 
76w x 43d x 110h cm
Pickup Lilyfield

hand painted - not stenciled - so not quite perfect. 

let me know if you are interested in this piece - I think it's such a unique piece and quite useful!
Fiona xx


  1. Hi Fiona,
    I LOVE your quirky piece of furniture, and I also love that you hand painted that sweet design on it. It's so lovely! (Much nicer than a stencil, I think). Someone will really cherish this piece, for sure!

  2. Again, another lovely piece. I am just curious as to how quickly your items sell.

    1. thanks Rose - i always list first on facebook and instagam and most pieces will sell within a few minutes. every now and then with a quirky piece like this or at certain times of the year pieces last longer .

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