Wednesday, March 22, 2017

I love this vintage oak cupboard

This was one of those pieces that I just knew exactly how I wanted to finish it. The timber on the top has a lot of character and deep rich colour and so I decided to just sand it very smooth and reseal with wax. The base I painted in white. It just had to be.

Lilyfield Life vintage oak cabinet

To paint the base I first gave it a light sand to smooth out the rough varnish and get rid of any splinters. Because I knew that the oak would probably bleed I first primed it in Zinsser BIN Shellac which is great to block stains and also provides additional coverage / opaqueness. I almost always do two coats of primer. This really helps with stain blocking. I always sand after I have primed because I use cheap synthetic brushes for priming with shellac (turps based wash up) and they create brush marks which I don't want in my final work.  After the primer is very dry, I will then do around 4 coats of ASCP Pure White as it's coverage is pretty average to be honest as there's no pigment/tinting in pure white paints. It's the same with any brand of very bright white paint so it's not a slur against ASCP, just what you have to do to paint with lovely bright white paint. I then gave the piece a good sand, knocking the edges with my sandpaper and then sealed the chalk paint with ASCP Clear Wax. Hasn't it come up a treat? 
It's for sale and details are below.

Lilyfield Life vintage oak cabinet

Lilyfield Life vintage oak cabinet

Sale details:
What a cutie! Gorgeous old oak cabinet. Would be lovely in a hallway or kitchen or even use as a small tv cabinet. A few signs of age in the beautiful timber top but freshly sanded to extremely smooth finish and resealed. ASCP Pure White with a waxed distressed finish. The metal basket and fruit bowl are also available. Several in stock so just ask for details. 
105w x 48d x 84h cm
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We have a birthday celebration in the house today so I'm off to organise some surprises.
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  1. It is such a lovely piece and will become a treasure for the new owner!

  2. So glad you said that white doesn't cover - just painted all the oak trim in a bathroom gloss white and I can now blame the number of coats and time it took on the whiteness (I did prime with 123 but only one coat...) Cute piece!

    1. White is the worst isn't it but looks so good that I think it's worth the effort xx


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