Friday, March 31, 2017

Recent finds

I thought I'd share some gorgeous little things I have found recently. Emma was selling a load pieces on Instagram and so I decided to pick up a few of them to make the pickup trip worth my while. Emma is a stylist and it definitely shows in the sale photos.

A lovely Indian metal bell that will work well as a styling piece for my painted furniture. Love the patina on this. Look out for it on a piece soon :)

These deer antlers are very cute. 

Sasha snapped up this marble topped box already for her bedroom. She loves little boxes and drawers. God knows what she keeps in them.

This old paper map of NSW was cheap so I bought it and may use it on a piece sometime. Nice to have a few maps around just in case I get inspired.

Emma was also selling a huge amount of books so I bought these all for inspiration. I have a friend who loves India Hicks so I will probably pass this one to her after I've had a flick through it.

I also bought three other beautiful books including a Rachel Ashwell design book so I'm looking forward to sitting down with a coffee and having a good read and to fill my head with ideas and inspiration.
For $70 it was a good haul. 

I also saw this beautiful french bench seat on my furniture hunting travels this week. Too expensive for me to buy but so beautiful. Thought you might love to see it. I love everything about this one: the carings, the paint work and especially that fabric.

Found any good things lately? I just love second hand and vintage finds
Fiona xx

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  1. I love the chairs and bell. Always fun to find a treasure or two.


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