Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sydney's Summer Continues

Today was another glorious day in beautiful Sydney. Not autumnal at all. Very summerish, in fact.

To make the most of it, my friend Jen (who blogs about her love of coffee and cafes at Espresso Snaps) and I went for a swim at Andrew (Boy) Charlton pool.  I love this pool. When I was a teenager, our school swimming carnivals were held at Boy Charlton. Our school did have a pool but it wasn't big enough for our carnivals so we trekked into the city for them every year. 

The pool has undergone some lovely renovations in recent years and it really makes the most of it's location right on the edge of the CBD, just next to the Botanic Gardens.  The glass walls give a great view over Garden Island, Woolloomooloo and Potts Point. A very nice view to relax with after some laps.

There is a cafe at the pool also (see the umbrellas and plants on top of the section with the orange wall below) but it was closed for a private event today, so we just grabbed a chicken and spinach wrap and a coffee at the kiosk. Very nice.

I edited this photo below with the Cinemascope filter. I love how it makes everything look so "vintagey", but it does wash out the bright blue water and the sunny skies.

If you don't know, "Boy" Charlton was an Australian Olympic swimmer at the Paris and Los Angeles Olympics in the 1920's and 30's.

Tomorrow Jen and I are swimming at Ice Bergs in Bondi Beach and then I'm getting my hair cut (which I do about once a year as I'm not that good at sitting still for the 2 hours that it takes to cut and streak my hair).

I'm off to bed, very tired now.
cheers Fiona

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