Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vintage French Style Drawers, now fresh and white

I've finally made time to paint this chest of drawers that I bought last October. I bought them for my daughter's room as previously she had a tall boy with big drawers. It wasn't working as the drawers were too big and deep so when they were filled with clothes she struggled to shut them, resulting in messy drawers and clothes being left all over the room. Now she has this chest with it's nine little drawers that all slide smoothly the room is almost always tidy. 

She's got a drawer for each sort of clothes and it is such a good system. And gorgeous to look at!  I've got to get around to hanging the curvy mirror as don't want it resting on the drawers. This room has a picture rail so I'll hang the mirror down on ribbon rather than drilling into the wall.

The paint colour is Dulux Lexicon White at Quarter Strength. I use this colour for all my bright white pieces of furniture. I have waxed this piece and buffed it. Look at the photo above for the lovely sheen you get.

Be careful with Lexicon White at full strength as it has a very blue undertone that doesn't look good on large pieces. (in my opinion).

My daughter's bed and the French armchair which was one of my first upholstery projects I did last year (in material selected by my boy and he has laid claim to this chair). The doona cover is from the clever ladies at Prints Charming at Annandale - I love this shop and how talented Cath and Kirsten are. They are very generous with their knowledge also.

and before - I'm sure at one stage this would have been cream but oil based paint discolours over the years and this had ended up mustard yellow (or baby poo, as my kids called it)

I'll share the rest of the bedroom soon. The kids have decided to share a bedroom for a while so I'm still in the process of moving things around.  I do like them sharing a room seeing them tucked up in bed at night in the same room. They have a beautiful relationship and are so sweet with each other.


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  1. Replies
    1. thanks Cassie -and I still have to tackle the matching huge wardrobe! happy easter to you and your gorgeous family!

  2. Looks much better white! So cute about your kids sharing a room - mine did after the big earthquake in Sept 2010 and have only gone back into their own rooms since we moved to Lake Cathie. I love seeing them asleep in the same room too, but I also like being able to fit in all their stuff, which I can never do with 2 beds in the little bedrooms we always seem to end up with!

  3. One of our bedrooms has a suite of almost identical (also baby poo coloured) furniture - you've inspired me to refresh that room!

    1. oh to live in France! I'd love to be there painting the furniture...

  4. Great looking drawers Fiona, have a happy Easter. Sandy x

  5. Hi Fiona

    Where did you buy it from orginally? i have been looking for a chest of drawers with more then 3/4 - so I can have different things in each draw!

    1. hi - i found it at a furniture auction. I think you just have to be lucky to find these gorgeous old pieces. I have only seen pieces like this a few times and i'm always on the look out for them.
      cheers Fiona


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