Friday, April 13, 2012

Woven French Chair Tutorial is coming

I've had a lot of feedback on the woven French chair I did recently. I think you all like it as much as I do!
Lilyfield Life Woven Upholstery French chair
It's been featured on a couple of big US blogs - Thanks Wendy and Judy! and welcome to everyone coming from the links of their features. I hope you stick around to enjoy my blog and projects.
The Shabby Nest
So I know I promised a tutorial on how to weave plain old drop sheet into a lovely upholstery for a chair but as I didn't take photos while I was doing this chair I actually need to do another chair to do the tutorial.  And it's school holidays here in Australia at the moment and I'm VERY BUSY taking my kids to the beach and making the most of this divine Sydney weather!!  

So instead of photos of upholstery, I've only got these photos of the beach today....enjoy and I promise that the chair tutorial and other furniture projects are coming soon....

and I had to share these photos of my kids. They said they were showing how much they loved me and the happy day we had shared...
These two kids melt my heart!


  1. Palm Beach I heart you

    The chair is amazing too
    PS happy weekend

    1. Thanks Carolyn! hope you had a lovely weekend also. raining now but at least we;ve had a couple of sunny weeks


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