Sunday, March 8, 2015

Cake Stall Ideas - School Fundraiser

Our school holds a cake stall once a term for fundraising. We are lucky enough that there are farmers markets held on the school grounds every Saturday (The Orange Grove Markets) and so it's an easy thing to set up a stall and sell our baking efforts to the general public.

I wanted to gather a collection of ideas for cake stall baking in one place so I thought I'd blog about it.  I hope it helps you for your next fundraiser.

Cupcakes are always a favourite. 
Presentation is everything so make them look good!

Friands - use this recipe and you can swap out the raspberries for any other berries, lemon juice, choc chips etc.

Honey Joys - Recipe here

Whole cakes

Whole cakes sell very well at our cake stall.They also require less work on your behalf than cupcakes so if you are short on time then it's always a good option.

 This is a great chocolate cake recipe - super easy and works every time.

Slices and brownies sell well and are pretty quick to make. The chewy chocolate slice I blogged about here is always popular and you can whip up in 5 minutes of mixing and 20 mins of baking.

Apple Pies

Scones sold as take home or picnic packs

Rocky Road is ever popular. Recipe here

It's always a good idea to have some little bags of treats that people can take away or give as gifts. These balls above are glazed cherries, condensed milk and coconut balls. Super easy and we sold each bag for $5. Other bag ideas are small biscuits, chocolates, apricot balls, savory biscuits. 

Other ideas are:
Individual pavlovas or Meringues. These can be served in a bowl with cream and fruit and spoon for just dry.
Little bags of popcorn
Anzac biscuits
Marshmallows on a skewer, dipped in chocolate and rolled in 100s & 1000s.
Fairy Bread
Chocolate dipped Strawberries
Toffees and Toffee Apples
Fruit Muffins
Banana Bread sold by slice or whole
Decorated Gingerbread Men
    I hope this helps next time you are searching for school baking ideas.  If you have any other ideas, please add it in the comments section.



    1. Oh this is spectacular! I'm printing it out now! A-M xx

      1. thanks A-M, I'm one of the cake stall co-ordinators at school and so many people tell me that they can't bake so I thought I'd start by putting together a list of ideas (to show people that there's options for non-bakers also!)
        hope you have had a good day
        cheers Fiona

    2. Ha, I recognised the chewy choc as soon as I saw the pic! I baked it again on Monday and put egg in it this time, and maybe didn't bake it long enough - it is soft, but not chewy. Geoff said he likes it better without egg and I think I have to agree...but will try baking it longer next time I do it with egg. I have never heard of Honey Joys before but the toffee mix is exactly the same as rice bubble slice, which I also made on Monday. Must try it with Cornies instead, sounds yum!

      xx Karen

      1. hi Karen - I think you might need to back the choc slice longer but if you prefer egg then just do it that way. My kids were asking for it today also although i haven't made any. Can't believe you don't know about Honeyjoys! When I was at boarding school once a week (!) we got honey for our toast for breakfast so we used to mix up honey and butter and cornflakes and make our own version of honeyjoys. Back in those days we had such limited nice food at school that they were such a big treat. (although it was definitely frowned upon to play with your food so we had to be quick and eat it before the boarding house mistresses saw. #littleluxuries

    3. I want to go to your cake stall. Everything looks amazing. What a cool way to earn money for the school.


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