Thursday, March 5, 2015

French Style coffee Table

A few years ago I upcycled an old coffee table into what is possibly my husband's favourite piece of mine. He refuses to let me sell it although I've had many offers.

Although not slatted and a little different, my latest project reminds me of this coffee table. The photos don't do it justice. We are at the very final stages of our renovation and I have so little space to work and style furniture in. You may need to use your imagination :)

Here it is before. The varnish had turned very red and the top was a bit scratched.  

The coffee table is for sale. Dimensions 1060mm by 460mm wide and 450mm tall. $375. 
Email me or call 0405766445. Pick up Lilyfield.
The coffee table has a waxed finish so it's best to use a coaster or a magazine to put down your drink.

This will probably be my last piece of furniture for a month or so while I concentrate on finishing the house.

Our carpet was due to be installed today but it's been delayed till tomorrow. Luckily we built an extra day in to our schedule in case they were delayed.


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