Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Renovation Update: Staircase Progress

When I had a draftsman draw up my plans for the house, I always knew that the stairs would be difficult and that what he had drawn wouldn't work. I kept saying to our builder Sam, who at the time was building one of my neighbour's house that the stairs in our approved plans weren't actually going to work. Sam said Don't worry we will work it out when we start the build. Back in September last year when he arrived for the job at 7am the first thing he did was go and measure where the stairs were meant to be and of course they didn't work. So we immediately decided to flip the house plan around put the stairs on the other side of the house. Nothing like designing a house on the fly. Luckily Sam and I are both spatial and were able to quickly come up with a good design. What this meant is that I ended up with a big laundry (instead of a space under the stairs, a grand staircase but no study in the centre of the house. That's actually a good thing though as I'm quite messy on my desk and I think it's better for my desk to be in my studio at the front of the house anyway.

I wanted paneling all along once we changed the stair case design to an open U shape but then we had a pipe for the upstairs bathroom that wouldn't quite fit over the kitchen beams below and so the wall on the upstairs side of the staircase wasn't flush and I knew then that paneling would be functional as well as beautiful as the paneling would hide the wall step.

Except for the timber treads needing to be sanded and sealed and the risers need another coat of white paint on them, the staircase is pretty much finished. Here are some progress shots.

I can't wait for it to all be finished.

Fiona xx


  1. Wow Fiona, that is one grand staircase! Everything is looking great.
    Mary @ Orphans With Makeup

  2. Oh my, your staircase is going to be stunning!

  3. I saw one staircase plan I would use if havign 2 stories. It had all sorts of drawers for storage and looked so cool!

    1. i've seen that design also. the cabinetry would cost a fortune! (ours also has a store room underneath)

  4. So open, so much light! I am envious!

  5. Looking wonderful Fiona, I can understand you can't wait for its completion, getting exciting now, I do love the stairs...Lyn

  6. That staircase is amazing. The paneling is perfect. And that chandelier WOW! I cannot wait to see the end and hope that you get your home back soon.

  7. Love all the woodwork and trim, stunning. Such a gorgeous staircase.

  8. You must be so thrilled! Looking so beautiful! Mx


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