Monday, March 9, 2015

Proud Mummy - my daughter's art

On Saturday morning we were walking into the markets where we buy our weekly vegetables and I commented to Phil about the beautiful art works on the fence. There is a fantastic charcoal drawing of an owl that I loved and then out of the corner of my eye this beautiful bright interpretation of Monet's waterlilies caught my attention. I went to see it and then saw my daughter's name underneath. She hadn't told me her art work had been selected so I was so surprised and amazed by her use of colour.

I think it will make a fabulous piece of artwork for above her bed.  I just spoke to her art teacher and she said that another piece of my daughter's work is further up on the fence so I'll have to go check it out at school pickup.

Speaking of beautiful artworks - Sydney's sunrise was gorgeous this morning. Photos snapped on my husband's phone.

Have a wonderful day. I've got to finish dry brushing some bedsides that I'll share tomorrow.
Fiona xx


  1. Well done to your daughter, her art is beautiful.

  2. Oh, so lovely!! She did an excellent watercolor!!! How old is she? Talent!


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