Friday, March 6, 2015

Master bedroom wardrobe painting fest

Painting these wardrobes for our bedroom nearly killed me but I am so glad to have them finished. 98% finished anyway as the handles are still to arrive and need to be installed.

The hardest part of painting these was getting an even sheen in the Aquaenemal Semi gloss paint. The second hardest part was my limited time frame to do this massive job. I had two evenings to get it done as I couldn't paint during the day as there was too much dust from the builders working. The first evening I managed to paint two of the long doors and 4 drawers. The carpet was due to be installed yesterday (and of course it was delayed by the company) so I wanted to get it all finished on my second night of painting. 

I finished painting at 2:30am and I was aching all over. It's no good to paint in semi gloss when you are tired. It is very hard to get a perfect sheen. Anyway it all all done and on Wednesday night I put down my paint brush and enjoyed a few glass of bubbles with some girlfriends. Such a relief to have it finished. We are going to love having all this storage space. The handles should arrive today - I found them on eBay and I really hope that they suit it.

However my painting tasks haven't finished. I have one more cabinet door to do in the laundry and then the lounge room cabinetry. These will be much easier due to their smaller size.

Hopefully the carpet layer turns up today.

Fiona xx


  1. Well done Fiona it looks so beautiful. Fabulous effort!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous Fiona!!!! What are the cupboard doors made from? It appears to be mdf when I zoom in on your beautiful piccies


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