Sunday, January 29, 2012

Driving to Queensland - Beautiful Country Roads

We are back home in time for school to return tomorrow. It's been long holidays and we have been away a lot. Hence the lack of projects and blog posts. But don't worry I'm full of ideas and furniture make-overs starting tomorrow!

This last trip, the kids and I drove to Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, over 2000 km of driving for the return trip. On the way up we drove a very scenic route - Bucketts Way and Thunderbolts Way which are small back roads over the Great Diving Range. I had to share some photos.

Outside Walcha, I spied something lovely out of the corner of my eye. We tracked back for a closer look. I'm not sure what this grand house functions as, but it sure is beautiful.

Thunderbolts Way ends at Uralla which is a very lovely little town. 
Gorgeous old buildings. 

 We were then on the New England Highway. We stopped at Guyra for this Lamb and Potato festival. What a good promotion for the area's farmers. Loved the roast lamb rolls.

After an overnight stay in a crappy motel in Glen Innes, we finally we made it to the border.  Still lots of driving till Brisbane.

I love country roads.

Have you been driving anywhere in the country lately? What's your favourite little town?


  1. that is beautiful! i love that scenery- love that dark gray building with white trim!

  2. I adore this post. Every shot was interesting. Lamb and potato festival....I've never heard of it but it sounds ab fab.

    I adore a country drive and with your post I didn't even have to cross my threshold

    Have a great week. Lokking forward to some of your projects.

    Best Carolyn xxx

    1. Thanks Carolyn
      It was the most stunning drive. I had to stop about 20 times to take photos. And then i found out there is some escaped convict who lives in those parts and steals food – i was leaving my car running (with the 2 kids in the back) while i jumped out to take photos. Luckily he didn’t steal them. Although the way my boy has been yelling lately i’m sure he’d be dropping them back quickly! LOL

      Have a good week
      Cheers Fiona

  3. Hi Fiona,
    I enjoyed this post as my grandparents live in Wallangarra so as I came closer and closer I got all excited and ...yes..there it was the border picture and Wallangarra railway station. Did you know the Queen had to walk across the station when she came through years ago? Lovely little glimpse of an area that holds some very dear memories.

    1. Oh Ruth I’m so glad i was able to bring back some memories! we loved that railway station. i got a gorgeous photo of my daughter pulling the big gear thingo to change tracks.
      cheers Fiona

  4. The thingo I guess is called a change the points in Rail talk. More memories!


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