Sunday, January 15, 2012

Browsing French Furniture Today

We've had a very quiet lazy day at home broken up by a quick play in the park near our house just as a storm broke and drenched us.  Phil brought the kids home for a bath and I thought I'd nick into the antiques centre at the end of my street (where my booth used to be) to see what was happening there. It's still dead quiet in there but I found some nice french furniture (outrageously expensive though).

Even though I personally wouldn't pay the prices they were asking (each piece was around $3500), I did like the paint work so thought I'd share some photos for your inspiration.

And these nice old boxes were much more affordable at around $40 each.

And I loved this piece.  The Bronte Tram has this terracotta angel for sale at $260. Divine.

Hope you've all had a lovely weekend.
cheers Fiona


  1. Hi Fiona, yes your right nice pieces but an expensive price tag. Raining heaps in Bargara but didn't stop me from doing some op shops today. Picked up a few knick knacks, might have some better luck tomorrow with some furniture. Being away gets you all inspired to get home and paint again. Have a good night, glad the tennis is now on. Sandy xx

  2. Yeah furnitures are pricey but still the price cannot stop us from buying the things we love right? Can you site the factors that I should consider in buying furnitures? maybe you are already an expert in buying furnitures, how can you tell if that furniture is good? by the way, nice post! :)

    1. hi Linda - I'm not sure if this reply will reach you as I don't know how the functionality works but what a great idea for a blog post. I'll definitely do that soon. thanks!

    2. Hello there Fiona, yeah this reply reached me. Sorry to keep you waiting for my reply.. i have been busy these past few months because of some problems... ^_^

    3. hope things improve Linda, Take care!


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