Wednesday, January 23, 2013

On my sideboard today - my gelungan and my grandad

On Sunday afternoon we were relaxing at home and I felt like painting something but not tackling a big piece of furniture so I decided to finally paint the galung that I bought when we were in Bali last year. Gelungans (I had to write to a Balinese friend to check it's name again) are the terracotta finial to Balianese temples and I fell in love with them. They are hand made and I love the rustic, crude nature of them - fingerprints and indentations and all.

hydrangeas on my sideboard

While I initially liked the gelungan painted, it has discoloured since the photo below was taken and had started turning black in places and it just looked dirty. So I painted it using some of my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White. As it says on the can, one coat was enough. 

Balinese Gelungan painted white

I am still finding a home for all the stuff I brought back from mum's so I have propped a lovely old photo of my Grandad from WW1 on the sideboard also. He was so young and brave. I loved sitting with him and listening to all his stories from Gallipoli and Ypres.

Balinese Gelungan painted white

I am not sure whether I prefer the gelungan it's original terracotta form or its new white look. What do you think? (not that it is really a problem either way - I paid about $12 for it and it's not going to change the world either way).

Balinese Gelungan painted white

Do you have anything you regret painting?

Yours in all things white paint....
Fiona xx

Balinese Gelungan painted white


  1. I love it white and those flowers are divine. I think they are so old wordly! I am happy to see you painting again, I love all your projects.

  2. I like it white too - and if it was discolouring anyway it's a non issue!! It's beautiful.

  3. I like it in White. Looks very nice, Thanks for sharing.
    Diane M.


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