Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Vintage French Planter Box

Well hello there! I've got a pop of gorgeousness for you today. The thrifting gods have been very good to me lately. 

I love it when other people pass things over because a little hard work is required.  I am not one to shy away of a little hard work - sometimes to my detriment but this was all worth it. 

I absolutely love my latest vintage treasure - a beautiful cast iron vintage French planter box.  I would love to know the history of this one and whose house it has been hanging on. I can just see it on a little french window sill with shutters and pretty flowers to complete the scene

We have to still find a spot to hang it so in the mean time it is just resting on our path but it's such a lovely pop of colour and prettiness.

A few of the iron scrolls are bent and I'm sure I could straighten them easily enough but I kind of like the imperfectness of them.

A riot of pink and green. 
I hope these cyclamens last well.

Here is how I found it - not quite as gorgeous is it?

It looks as though it had been sprayed with concrete or something - definitely worse for wear. Pop back tomorrow for how my gorgeous husband restored this for me.

Happy Mother's Day to me - an early present.

Vintage finds are the best aren't they!
Fiona xx


  1. Looking forward to it.. can't wait..

  2. Wow Fiona, what a wonderful find! Our monthly garden party returns on May 1st. I hope you come and share!

    1. Thanks so much Sharon – I’ll have to link up soon. Lucky you guys having Spring.!

  3. You, my friend, hit the planter jack pot !!!
    How lucky - I'd give anything to find 2 of those ( I'm greedy like that )
    Just beautiful!

    1. Oh Suzan you make me laugh….now I’m wanting two also!


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