Tuesday, December 22, 2015

around home and a few new bits of furniture

Hi gorgeous people, How are you going in your Christmas readiness? I am usually very last minute but because we have friends flying in tomorrow morning from America, I have been extra ready for Christmas. I have two small presents still to buy and then I'm starting to wrap everything and get it under the tree tonight. I don't think I've ever been so ready :)

I had the last of my furniture pickups for 2015. Finally sold the gorgeous blanket box and also a round table.

We have two guests coming to stay for a few weeks; my friend Linda and her almost adult son Joel. We met Linda and Joel when we were in Yosemite about 5 years ago. It was snowing and we kept bumping into them at various fireplaces/lodges and chatted and chatted and finally decided we needed to be friends so we used to meet them at night for a drink after going our separate ways in the days hiking etc. I've been to LA a few times in the last few years to see them but it's the first time they have been to Australia. We are all so excited to have them here.

Joel will be sleeping in our guest room and so Sasha and I set up my furniture studio as a lovely guest room for Linda. I put some unfinished furniture in storage at a friend's shop and then used what I had to make a B&B room for Linda. It''s a bit hodge podge but I think she'll be comfortable.

All the furniture will be for sale after New Year (and once I've finished the unfinished pieces). It's pretty handy having extra furniture laying around :)

This morning the kids and I have had a quite time at home. They are still not even out of their pjs yet. We've done some of my technical lego that I got when I was 9 and made the dough for the chocolate sugar cookies we have every Christmas.  I have also sanded and primed this gorgeous dressing table below. I was just going to use it as is for Joel to put his clothes in the guest room but the varnish was in a bad way so i thought I'd get it painted before they arrive tomorrow. 

It's the sweetest teeniest little dressing table you have ever seen with the prettiest handles. The top of the mirror only comes to my shoulders. I will be painting it a soft white and lightly distressed. It will be for sale in the New Year so if you have a little girl keep an eye out for this one. It's ADORABLE!! 

I'm hoping the rain clears up soon as my friends aren't going to be happy with a wet old Christmas. 

have a great day
Fiona xx


  1. I am sure she will enjoy her visit with you! The little room looks cozy!

  2. Hi Fiona
    Thank you for all your advice and help, I've made great progress this year and learnt so much. I don't have as much time as I'd like for this very therapeutic hobby but I enjoy it when I do.
    Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year to you and your family.
    Best wishes
    Maria xxx

  3. Have a wonderful Christmas Fiona with your family and friends. I love the way your're doing a last-minute paint of the gorgeous little dressing table for your visitors!!

  4. It has been a great year to follow you Fiona, all the inspiration, advice plus views of tremendous Australia!! I am very envious of your American friends!

    We are in our usual state of readiness - trees are all sold out, so we cut down one of our cedars that really needed to go. It's ultra-rustic, with a brush of dead twigs at the top, but we always put a large faux peacock up there, so this year he'll really have his chance to shine. That, my own cinnamon rolls and take-out sushi:it's an odd mix, but easy to get ready! Have a Merry One!

  5. Hi Fiona - lovely pieces as usual!! Just wondering, have you ever had to source legs for a dining table?? I've inherited a lovely french provincial dining table with a gorgeous parquetry top but the legs have gone missing! I'm not sure if it's even possible to find legs to match or if you can even buy legs to a table. It would be such a shame to have to ditch the table.

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