Friday, January 29, 2016

Gorgeous Painted Vintage Mirrors

My gorgeous girl started high school yesterday - homework already last night can you believe it! So proud of her in the beautiful uniform and how she takes everything in her stride with such grace.

I've been painting a few mirrors lately. I really love interesting old mirrors so when I can find them at a good price, I always buy them.  I think you all love vintage mirrors also as they always get snapped up so quickly.

This solid carved mirror was part of a console set - the console is a bit broken so I haven't started painting it yet as I need to repair it first so I decided to split the set and paint and sell the mirror separately.  It is huge and ornate. I painted it in a custom mix of ASCP Chalk paint and distressed and waxed it. I think it looks gorgeous. BTW I finally sold the ornate console I painted before Christmas. Every one who walked in the house said they had thought about buying it but no one ever did... that is until friends of ours came over on the weekend and saw it. Sold and out of my studio now :)

A lovely client of mine is in love with the mirror over my dining room sideboard so when she found this old mirror she asked if I could paint it the same. A lovely chalky matte finish and some dark crevice detail showing through. She was very happy and this will hang over a sideboard I painted her a few years ago.  It's nice to have good customers - makes me very happy. 

This amazing mirror below is so heavy and solid oak. It was so dark and dreary so I gave it a light wash of grey chalk paint to highlight the beautiful details. This mirror is like nothing I've ever seen before and sold straight away - my clever buyers :)

I still have a mirror to paint in my lounge room. When I get a chance I will paint this vintage french mirror grey or perhaps white. Still undecided and not in a rush as I always seem to be busy painting items for other people.  I love how it reflects the greenery form the hedge.

I have a few more mirrors to paint in between other pieces so shoot me an email if you are looking for something special.

have a great day
Fiona xx


  1. I'm swooning over that heavy oak carved mirror. It's just so gorgeous. All that carved detail is amazing. Have a great day, Fiona.
    P.S. Your daughter looks so grown up in her uniform.

    1. thanks Mary - I had that oak mirror for a while and wasn't sure if people would like it but then it sold immediately. I think it's amazing also. Just watched my daughter leave the house for school and felt a rush of love and pride. She is getting quite grown up!
      thanks so much for commenting

  2. Seems you just cannot hold on to any mirrors! LOL
    The second one looks exactly like the ones they use on the Thomas Kinkade paintings (I have several).

    1. They always get snapped up so quickly Rose.
      The Thomas Kinkade paintings are beautiful. I saw some jigsaws recently with his work on them. Looked amazing.
      Have a lovely day
      Fiona x

  3. Fiona these are all so stunning. No wonder you sell them so quickly - they are beautifully painted but your styling is the key. divine.

  4. Hey Fiona - your daughter is so lovely in her charming uniform! I never see schoolgirls wear anything like that in Canada, and I wish I did - absolutely (I think it's the sun-protective hat!)
    I also buy mirrors that I find, but they are rarely as fantastic as these... wow!
    I think you might consider leaving some gold on your lounge mirror - in the photo graph above, the colour balances nicely with your 2 tub chairs - just my 2 cents!


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