Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Four sets of drawers - three different grey painted finishes.

Good morning, I'm trying to get more organised with my blogging again as I have been very random lately. I still wonder if I should bother with my blog as it seems that everyone is on facebook and instagram these days and do people take the time to read blogs. Then I get some lovely emails from my readers saying how much you enjoy my posts so I keep on, keeping on, so thank you for your feedback xx.

These drawers have all sold but I thought I'd share three different types of grey painted finishes. These are all painted with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but all look very different. Paint it so versatile :)

The first is straight up ASCP Paris Grey with Clear Wax. These drawers were just modern pine which I don't normally buy but I liked the shape of them and the moulded edges on the drawers. Originally it had iron pull ring handles - I think they make furniture look cheap so I changed the handles out to the crystal ones I stock.

ASCP Paris grey always turns out a little darker than expected once you wax it. For me I probably prefer it lightened with which like I used on the drawers/Tv uit below. This piece is a Balinese piece and so I used two coats of shellac based primer to make sure the stain didn't bleed through my paint work.

Lots of sanding for a beautiful smooth finish with minimal brush marks. I use a synthetic brush and specific brush strokes to achieve this look.

The drawers below were actually shipped to the Netherlands - a long way for my furniture to go :)
I've had furniture shipped all over Australia and even to Singapore but never to Europe before. This chest of drawers were beautiful old walnut veneer. The hardware is just beautiful including a fancy original key.  I painted them with ASCP Paris Grey mixed with a lot of Pure White and then used a clear wax and lightly distressed them. They ended up very pale and pretty.

The tall Balinese drawers below were painted with ASCP French Linen  - two coats and then I used a white liming wax and pulled it back to show the grain and brush strokes. It gives it a lovely streaky effect that reminds me of bark. I didn't get great photos and the piece has already been picked up but it looked great. Perhaps in the close up of the drawers, you can see the effect the white wax makes.

I think all of these colours and finishes look beautiful and work well as muted neutrals in a room.



  1. Yes Fiona

    Keep those inspirational emails/blogs coming! I look forward to seeing your wonderful projects come to life!

    Thanks !!

    Kind regards,��


  2. I love your blog on my PC so I can get a good look at the pics, and I read your instagram as well. Love it all.

  3. Good morning Fiona, I don't have Instagram but I do have facebook however I prefer to read your blog and read every entry you post. So please don't give up on us oldies without Instagram!

  4. I'm new to your blog and really loving it. I hope you'll keep on with it.I love that there are so many posts to catch up on! I enjoy painting furniture myself so thank you for sharing your tips so generously.Your work is really beautiful.
    Best Wishes


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