Thursday, December 22, 2016

French style consoles, the beach, Christmas carols

Good morning. 
Who is getting excited for Christmas? 
Do you have kids who are?
Today I am hoping to finish up the last of my Christmas shopping and finish painting a piece that I'm giving someone for Christmas so it's one I'll share after I've given it. I'v mad a checklist and slowly ticking off everything that needs to be done. I'll get Sasha to start some baking (gingerbread cookies - wait till you see what our plan is) and we are also catching up with my sister this morning to organise a Christmas eve family lunch on the beach. Lots of good things ahead. 

catherine hill bay beach australia

My beautiful friend, Leanne, and her family are up the coast this week at Catherine Hill Bay - such a quaint little town (no shops and an old mining town right on this beautiful beach). Yesterday I had an epiphany that my Christmas prep and work will just expand to what ever time I allow and it won't really matter if I don't get everything done. What will matter is if I'm stressed or if I'm happy, relaxed and pleasant to be around. Boom that realization is just so liberating the kids and I drove up to spend the afternoon on the beach with our friends. 

oh it was so good.

We went to Christmas carols the other night at Five Dock. We always enjoy it there. Relatively easy to get a park and find a spot to sit, lovely carols and a family friendly evening.  We bought these little candle torches they sell on the evening. Way better than having real candles. 

christmas carols

christmas carols

I remember setting a friend's hair alight as a kid with a real candle while we were singing carols. It was when I was at boarding school and every year the boarders formed a choir and we walked in procession holding real candles. The girl in front of me had really thick long hair and boinged out from her head. The flame from my candle just leapt forward and whooshed up her hair burning a big section. I nearly died. I quickly patted it out and the girl turned and said what are you doing? I just told her she had a fly in her hair and I was brushing it away as I didn't want to freak her out as we were walking on stage although the smell was terrible. I'm sure I owned up to it later :)

Anyway I love these battery operated candles, no accidents and look how good they look on my mantle now. 

french fireplace Lilyfield Life

On the furniture painting front, I did finish (and already sell) these two beautiful console tables. Consoles are some of my favourite pieces to paint and to use in a home. Just a nice little piece to accent a room - pop an ornament and some flowers on and instant elegance in your room.

Lilyfield Life french console table

Lilyfield Life french console table

Enjoy your day, stay sane
Fiona xx

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