Friday, April 21, 2017

Upholstered bench seat - a tip for tricky trims

Good morning: I've been a little missing in action mainly because we are in the final throws of planning an epic 5 week trip in Italy (I'll share more about that soon). 

I thought I'd share a little cheater's trick I did on this bench I sold last year. The bench was very old and gorgeous - big soft upholstery that was in excellent condition but yellow fabric with a red/gold trim that was just dated and ugly. I can't find a before photos anywhere. 

upholstered bench seat Lilyfield Life

I stripped the old fabric and recovered with this beautiful organic hemp that I buy locally at our farmers markets. Initially I couldn't work out how to finish it off because the way the upholstery previously was left an unfinished edge around the base and the legs. I decided to make a fringe like trim. I used some fabric I had on hand and sewed a big strip and then just glued the strip over the edge of the upholstery to cover up all the unsightliness.

upholstered bench seat Lilyfield Life

Sometimes the glue gun is your best friend...
and doing something simply and getting the piece sold is better than stressing about the perfect way to do it.

upholstered bench seat Lilyfield Life

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  1. Thanks for this Fiona, what a great idea. Your bedroom is dreamy.


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