Thursday, January 24, 2019

Rustic Charcoal Console table

Martina and Paul have loads of my furniture bought over the last 8 years. Absolutely lovely customers. Martina recently snapped up a large rustic console I had available for custom painting. 

Fusion Mineral paint ash console

She asked for it to be painted in charcoal and distressed. It looks so good and is going in their lounge roomthat has concrete bench tops for the tv cabinet so I think I t’s going to be so good there.

Fusion Mineral paint ash console lilyfield life

 This was sanded smooth, some cracks filled, sanded again, cleaned with TSP and painted in 3 coats of Fusion ASH, then distressed and sealed with Artisan Hemp Oil. Once the oil had settled, I buffed it dry.

And before; to be honest the photo makes it look much better than it was. 

I love the planked lower shelf on this piece. A nice storage shelf for baskets of cushions.

It’s so intensely hot right across Australia at the moment - I really hope everyone is safe and bush fire free. Tomorrow is meant to be a dangerous day so fingers crossed for a break in the heat. 

Stay safe 
Fiona xx


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