Saturday, February 16, 2019

Pine chest of drawers in ASCP Old White

I was really busy with custom painting in January, it’s like everyone decided to start the year off with prettier furniture. On NYE, I kid you not, between 10pm and 9am on New Year’s Day I had 6 requests for quote on custom furniture. Was everyone just sitting around making New Years resolutions to have painted furniture? Ha ha, anyway I always love to quote and hopefully get the job. Jan asked for me to paint her pine chest of drawers. She is moving into a retirement home soon and wants to take the drawers with her but as she will only have a few pieces she wants everything to be pretty and bright. She decided on the old version of ASCP Old White and off white interiors.

Did you know that all the AnnieSloan colours are changing? This version of Old White is no longer available. Her new paint is much thicker and harder to get a smooth finish with. Not that I use ASCP much these days anyway but I don’t like that sound of even thicker paint. I love a smooth finish as you know :) 

The white looks so much fresher. This was a lot of white paint and effort but so worth it for a new clean look. Jan has also asked me to paint her bookcase and I’ll pick that up next week to do. She also bought a beautiful blanket box that I painted a pale stone colour and reupholstered in a stone coloured ticking (fabric from Spotlight). 

I think its all going to look beautiful together and hope Jan enjoys her move to the retirement village. 



  1. You have such a good eye for style. These are all beautiful. Hope these brighten each day for the lady in the nursing home.

    1. Thanks so much Jennifer, nice to do custom work like this for someone who will appreciate them so much

  2. Hello Fiona.. I have been after exactly the same kind of chest of drawers for my new place
    I need them in an off white anymore than happy to pay you to paint .... if you find out where they are from. Could you please let me know.. or if you get them could you please tell me... best wishes. Jenn Xx


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