Sunday, February 16, 2020

Chalk painted upholstered ottoman

Hi everyone, hope you are having a lovely weekend. It was our anniversary yesterday and we had a lovely dinner at One Ford Street, an Italian restaurant in Balmain. Phil gave me beautiful roses for Valentine’s/anniversary. 

lilyfield life chalk paint fabric upholstery ottoman

First thing this morning I had some customers come to pickup some lovely bedside tables...

And then we headed to the beach for a swim (despite this sign)

And this afternoon I finished this ottoman I painted for our lounge room. Originally this was dark brown and mustard yellow stripes with dark brown timber. So much nicer now. I painted the whole thing with Jolie Swedish Grey and then some white paint on the details. 

lilyfield life chalk paint fabric upholstery ottoman

lilyfield life chalk paint fabric upholstery ottoman

Chalk painted fabric feels like aged leather or soft canvas and doesn’t crack. The best thing about it is that it is now super easy to keep clean. The trick to painting fabric is to :
1) water down the paint
2) lots of light coats rather than thick paint
3) give it a really really good sand 
4) wax top coat

What do you think? A nice addition to this corner of my lounge room? 

Have a great Sunday evening. 
Fiona xx


  1. Fab, got just the thing to try this out, amazing what you can do with paint!

  2. I want to try this out on the most used chair and ottoman in my home. Does it stand up and not crack over time?? I don't want to ruin a good piece of furniture. The fabric is pink plain upholstery. Yours looks wonderful. This is the most used piece of furniture in my home.

    1. Hi I have done other chairs in my home and they have not cracked even with years of use.
      But maybe practice on a piece that’s not so special?


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