Saturday, September 6, 2014

ASCP French Linen Coffee Table

I am meant to be continuing the packing up the house while the kids and Phil are watching a friend's netball final, although with the rain pouring down I'm not sure if it will be going ahead.  Instead of packing, I'm procrastinating (the job at hand just seems so daunting) and thought I'd share a coffee table I repainted a while ago.

I bought this coffee table because I absolutely loved the shape of it and was tempted to keep it myself. I bought it home and hadn't even had a chance to think about it when a couple came to see me about some furniture and they saw it and asked to buy it. They asked for it in ASCP Duck Egg which I personally think is a tricky colour to furnish with unless you live on the beaches or Queensland. Anyway the long and the short of it, the couple decided to not take the coffee table after I painted it as they changed their mind and stayed with their chrome coffee table with their black leather lounges. They were so lovely though and offered to pay me for their change of mind and subsequent repainting as I knew I'd have trouble reselling a big Duck Egg blue coffee table. I am still painting some more of their furniture in their house so it wasn't a quality issue, just a decorating dilemma.

I shared the coffee table on my facebook page and it was bought by Nicola who asked me what colour I thought would be good for her lounge room that had lots of deep reds and cream. I suggested ASCP French Linen which she loved.

For repainting this piece, I fully stripped off the ASCP Duck Egg off the top but for the curvy legs I just painted over. I gave the taupe paint the same treatment with a sealer and dark wax to give it some aging and to play up those details.  Nicola loved it and wrote to me how much she loves it in her lounge room... so all's well that ends well.

Okay - I have to get stuck into packing now. I'll be in trouble if Phil comes home and all I've done is blog...:)

There is some respite though as we are headed to Nielson Park Kiosk for my cousin's 50th birthday lunch. I love that place so am looking forward to it.

wishing you a lovely weekend also.
Fiona x


  1. Love both the shape of the table and both colours are beautiful!

  2. I love how the table turned out. I do have a question. Why did you strip the Duck Egg from the top? I thought the beauty of ASCP was you could paint right over the ascp. Thank you. New follower of your sight (came over from leslie stocker), love it. And very helpful, thank you.


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