Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Winner is (Wagner Australia Giveaway)

Thank you to everyone who entered this generous giveaway brought to you by Wagner Australia. I loved reading all your beautiful comments and seeing how many of you shared the post and liked the photo. It was definitely one of my highest ever reaching posts on Facebook.

I was going to get one of my kids to do the draw for the giveaway but they REALLY needed to go to bed early tonight. It's the end of school term and they are both waaaayy over tired! So I shut my eyes and drew out the winner myself. The lucky new owner of the beautiful turquoise cabinet I sprayed with the Wagner Flexio 585 sprayer is...

Miles, can you please contact me on 0405 766 445 to arrange pickup of your prize. I hope you love it.

If you missed out on winning this then why not spray a cabinet yourself with some Wagner gear. I have used my gun for several other pieces since getting it. It's fabulous for priming pieces quickly also.

For this cabinet I used the Flexio 585. Initially I used the Brilliant attachment (which has a very fine spray) until I got more confident and then I finished it off with the standard spray nozzle.  The paint I used was Dulux Porpoise Place. It's a lovely teal colour. It is meant to be mixed in an Ultra Deep Base but the hardware guy made a mistake and only used a deep base but as I wasn't colour matching anything I didn't mind. 

For the handles I used antique gold Rub N Buff. I love this stuff! What a great product to spruce up old hardware. You must wipe it on with your fingers and let it dry.

Thank you once again for everyone who entered.
Sorry I don't have a cabinet for each of you!

Fiona xx

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