Thursday, November 13, 2014

I love these drawers

Do I have a find for you!  These drawers are so old but oh so beautiful. Wow, I can't believe they found their way to me as I'm going to enjoy doing them up so much.

beautiful vintage walnut drawers

beautiful vintage walnut drawers

They need loving and I have an whole lotta love to give!  

The shape of the drawers are so lovely. Beautiful timber - walnut veneer and walnut inside as well. So well made but a few chips here and their showing it's age. 

beautiful vintage walnut drawers

beautiful vintage walnut drawers

Actually they are pretty filthy as I was so excited to pull them out of the car and photograph them but I'll clean them all up before I paint them. I am also more than happy to sell unpainted if you are interested in them. 

Any suggestions on what to do with them? Colour schemes? paint/leave as is?
I'd love to hear your opinion.
Fiona xx

french homewares by Lilyfield Life


  1. Replies
    1. aren't they just lovely Cassie! I'm going to give them a good clean today and rephotograph.

  2. Definitely paint! Not sure what color but the paint will bring out the features better in my opinion,

  3. Beautiful whether you paint or not. I would love to see the top and the mirror painted in a matte black or charcoal highlighting the grain of the top drawer. Then the waxed to a lovely low luster. Or paint with a matte charcoal with no distressing then highlight the mirror with thin gold painted in the creases and also the top of the dresser. This beauty is so much more that less is more in this instance.


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