Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Second floor and a pretty mirror

I'm so behind in sharing projects that I almost don't know where to start. The house has been zooming along and I'm so impressed with our wonderful builder Sam and his apprentices, Paddy, Carla and Murray. Seriously if you are in Sydney and need a good builder I can 100% recommend him. Such a nice guy and I've now seen him build three houses and his work is impeccable. Last week the builders finished the frames for the second storey walls that they just build and stacked on the floor in what will be our master bedroom. Then on Monday they worked a 12 hour day and ripped off the roof (tiles were already off) and erected every wall for the second floor and then we spent a couple of hours tugging three circus tents over the whole lot in case of rain.

This is the back of the house with the three french doors off the lounge room and the master bedroom up above. The roof will actually be a little higher than that as the roof trusses aren't on yet. We just created a false pitch so water doesn't pool on the circus tent.

Sam and Carla bracing the frames for the children's bedrooms above.  Below I am standing in what is the children's bathroom looking through to the stair well and the master bedroom. 

View from the master bedroom. Three nice big windows to replicate the three french doors below in the lounge room.

From the master bedroom looking through ensuite on left, stair well on right and then down the hallway to children's bedrooms.

Views from Master bedroom. Those sheds below are in our backyard and will eventually be pulled down and replaced with a much smaller shed.

Friends over for dinner on the building site!

My job today is sanding and painting the rafter tails. These timbers will make up the roof trusses and because our house has exposed rafter tails It's much easier to sand off the treated timber ridges and prime them when they are not on the roof. Sam, our builder, reckons these are going to be the best sanded and painted rafter tails he's ever seen. Nothing like having a furniture painter in the house. This is a tiny fraction of what I have to do today so I had better get cracking.

If you don't know what rafter tails are then this is what they look like in situ below- an original feature of our house.

And now for a pretty mirror that I painted for a lovely customer Louise. A few years ago Louise bought a pretty white sideboard from me. She recently picked up a Balinese mirror on Ebay and asked me to paint it white as she wants to hang it over the sideboard.

Painted mirror Lilyfield Life

I'll share that cabinet you can see in the mirror tomorrow.

Have a great day. To be honest I am feeling a little overwhelmed already about today as I have too much furniture, a lot of building work to do, I'm also phone interviewing for a medical administration role and packing for Jonty to go to camp. Sometimes I wonder why I load myself up with so much work but I think it's better than being bored. 

Fiona xx

Painted mirror


  1. I have such a hard time imagining how the final design will look. I am so eager to see!

    1. thanks Rose. I am still nutting out final details (we didn't use an architect - I did the design and had a draftsman draw it up)


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