Saturday, July 25, 2015

I swear I'm her number one fan...Laura Matthews moving sale

Years ago when I worked in the city when I needed a creative escape from the corporate-ness of my career, in my lunch break, I would go to little art galleries and soak in the beauty.  I completely and utterly fell in love with a painting by Laura Matthews called Pressure - I could not afford the painting but I still have a photo of it on my phone and still look at it from time to time. Anyway the years went by and I realised Laura's (then) studio was in Rozelle literally around the corner from my house so the next time she had an open studio I went along and introduced myself. I was such a fan and came across as so gushy and fan-like. Anyway we got on well, then over the next couple of months we bumped into each other at the supermarket, a cafe, in the street. I swear I wasn't stalking her...

Several years later I was in a position to be able to buy one of her beautiful art works that I have hanging in my dining room. It's my window to the countryside and I love it so much.  Her use of paint and layers amazes me. Phil and I are still such fans, as is everyone who comes to the house.

even had a feature in several magazines

Anyway fast forward many years, and I am now lucky to consider Laura as a lovely friend. She is moving studios next week and this weekend is having a final moving sale from her studio behind the red door in 1 National Street Rozelle. It's just tucked behind the Cook's Grocer and she will have the red flag out to welcome you.

I adore these ones below - who am i kidding I adore all of them :)

It is your chance to pickup an amazing painting at a great price. Look, I will admit that I tend to rave when I start talking about Laura's paintings but they really are hard to capture in a photo. I can guarantee that the trip to Rozelle this weekend will be worth it and she is a gorgeous person to meet anyway.

Let me know if you go, I'd love to hear what you think. Say hi to Laura for me or you might even catch me there..

Fiona xx


  1. Once again I despair at being on the wrong side of the planet - the paintings are wonderful! I really love the wild ocean portraits. Reminds me so much of the pacific of my youth!

    Go forth, Laura - paint and enjoy your new digs!

  2. I randomly walked into her studio a couple of years ago and loved her work INSTANTLY. Do you know where her studio moved to? I must always know where she is for my future painting purchase.



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