Thursday, July 30, 2015

3 ways to paint a coffee table

Hello Strangers!
Oh I have been painting up a furniture storm lately. Last week I had 13 pieces of painted furniture leave my studio and I also ran a furniture painting workshop so to actually sit down and write about it wasn't going to happen.  I'm here now though and I have four coffee tables to share. I painted them three different ways and it's amazing how different they look.

I bought four coffee tables recently - two matching pairs. I thought it was a great opportunity to paint them all a little differently. As the coffee tables were all brand new I decided to leave the tops timber and just paint the bases. When I do this to make it very neat I remove the top of the coffee table from the base so that I don't have to cut in and it keeps it all looking very professional. A bit of a hassle removing and replacing the top but I think the end result is worth it.

The first table was snapped up by Gail who had attended the furniture painting workshop and saw them all sitting unpainted in my carport. She asked me to paint it the same as a cabinet I had in my studio. A french country look in a beautiful greenish taupe.

I painted the details in white and then waxed and used an antiquing glaze I had made to darken the crevices. It was also slightly distressed for a soft hard rubbed look.

My neighbour's friend has asked me to keep an eye out for a square coffee table so I offered the first one to her. As it was going to live in a trendy inner city apartment we decided to paint the base a semi gloss black with the details rubbed back.

It's so hard to tell with these photos but in real life the rubbed back sections showed up a little better. Especially hard as I took the photos in the evening under overhead lights.

A facebook follower saw these and asked if I had any more coffee tables and yes I still had two more although they were slightly different.

Lisa asked for her base to be white and distressed. It looks so fresh and pretty this way.

I then had one more coffee table and due to the over whelming love for the french country one on my facebook page I decided to paint it in the french country theme again. It was bought very quickly.

So which is your favourite? I am still undecided as I honestly could have any of them here. My own coffee table still remains unpainted!  On my to do list :)

Fiona xx


  1. The first one is definitely my favorite! I love the color and antique-like details.

  2. The first one is my favorite too. The gray-green is beautiful.

  3. I love the black and the last french country!

  4. French country for me but they are all lovely!

  5. Love them all Fiona, you've done a great job on the lot
    Cheers Margaret


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