Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Transforming furniture with paint - duck egg mix and white

Hello - My sister is returning home today after being in Europe for 6 weeks. I can't wait to see her! I think that's about as long as I've been not blogging regularly. Time has both flown and been drawn out ...I'm almost embarrassed to be posting again as I've been so AWOL. It seems that every post I write lately starts with the same I'm sorry that I've been so remiss.. anyway here I am today to share some recently furniture makeovers.

I recently painted several pieces of furniture for a lovely lady in Lilyfield. Sharyn wanted to transform her bedroom furniture from dated timber that had turned a little orange to a soft country white. 

Lilyfield Life white painted furniture

Lilyfield Life white painted furniture

Lilyfield Life white painted furniture

It's all so soft and pretty now and once she gets her new carpet laid I think the room is going to be a lovely sanctuary for her. I replaced all the heavy wooden knobs with crystal ones to add a little bling and prettiness to the pieces.

While I was painting her furniture Sharyn also asked me to transform a cupboard downstairs in her lounge room. It was old rustic pine that just soaked up the paint. I mixed a soft pretty duck egg to match Sharyn's cushions and lamps. Using the Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan, I mixed a ratio of around 60% Duck Egg and 40% Pure White until I was happy with how it looked against Sharyn's accent pieces. This piece definitely didn't need sanding prior to painting for paint adhesion as it's pretty rustic but I still sand between coats and after painting to give the paint work a lovely smooth finish. 

Lilyfield Life mixing the perfect duck egg

And here below is how Sharyn has it now.  I love how the wax gives the furniture a lovely sheen and a smooth feel.

Lilyfield Life mixing the perfect duck egg

Sharyn is very happy with her pieces and how they feel also. She had also bought a lovely sideboard from gumtree that someone else had painted but they haven't sanded it smooth or added any protection to the matte paint so I am helping her fix that also. When there is no protection/sealant on matte or low sheen paint it means that the paint will be virtually impossible to clean. It will mark very easily and then not clean easily.

I suppose that is a problem with buying on line and so many people painting furniture these days. You never know just what you are buying. Please feel free to come and inspect any of my pieces - all my work is properly sealed and beautifully smooth.

have a great day xx


  1. Dear girl,
    Never apologise for not being online all the time. We appreciate you all the more with the occasional absence to miss you in (grammar).
    As your sister is back today, you'll have better things to do than cope with me. Let's to the hand-over of the little wire shelf another time - next week is better for me anyway.
    Love that 'country white' and the paled-down duck-egg blue. When I was a kid and dinosaurs roamed the earth, duck-egg blue was v. fashionable and was always very pale.
    Another blue I love is what I refer to as "Gauloise blue". It's a kind of blue-grey with lavender undertone- very French.
    Love your work, Miss Fiona.
    Rosie D.

  2. I am wondering.... Do you always seal with wax or do you ever use a poly coat? I am in the process of painting my daughters antique bed ivory and accents of pink and was thinking today what might be best to seal it off. I primed the headboard because it took so much paint to cover the footboard and am a bit concerned that that could affect how they hold up. I was just curious and thought i would ask. Thanks so much!! Have followed your blog for a while and wish i lived there to purchase some of your work. You do a beautiful job!!

    1. Hi Michelle yes I do use a sealer on things I don't want waxed. I don't really like the idea of wax against bed sheets so use a water based non yellowing sealer. I used a local Australian product but in sure you could find something to use. Over white paint do not use a polyurethane product.
      Regards Fiona

  3. Yet another lovely transformation. Can you tell me where you purchased the crystal door knobs please. I do get to Sydney a few times a year but might be able to get them online?

    1. Hi Patricia
      I'm not sure what is happening with the commenting at the moment. I'll have a play with the code and see if I can fix it.
      I sell those handles for $6.50 plus postage. Let me know how many you want and I'll let you know postage - prob $7

      Cheers Fiona xx

  4. Hello Fiona,

    Your blog this morning looks great. I really need to come and get some crystal knobs for some furniture I plan to paint for my own use.

    My daughter is rebuilding and she and her family are coming to live with us soon. As a result I have to get rid of some old furniture I have kept from my parents' home which is stored in our flat.

    Wondering if you might know of anyone interested in a 1930s club lounge suite (3 seater, 2 arm chairs) which has always been in our family. Great condition, I had new Dunlopillo seat cushions and neutral reupholstery done a few years ago.

    Thanks, Fiona. Have a good day ... I know it's sure to be productive.


  5. lovely pieces Fiona, your customer must be so happy with it all. Her house looks beautiful.


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