Friday, August 14, 2015

Small pieces - Lilyfield Life

This week as well as getting stuff done around the house and for myself I have painted a few small pieces. It is quite nice to do small pieces that I have collected over a few months but have taken a back seat while I've been working on other people's furniture or bigger items. 

I had some fun with these pieces.

First up is the teeniest low stool that my kids named the Converse Stool. I painted it in left over pale custom mixed duck egg with a ASCP Graphite star that, mind you, I drew with a compass and geometry - remember how you used to do it drawing the vesica piscis and intersections. Yeah me I found a tutorial here...drew it up on paper and then just overlaid the paper on my stool and jabbed a tiny hole through the paper at each point into the stool and was able to draw the star on my stool easily with a ruler. I then hand painted it with this brush (this is worth the click-through as it's a great tutorial on painting details on your furniture. Free yourself from stencils!). 

Converse Stool - SOLD

I also painted this vintage plant stand. Just a note if you ever want to paint a plant stand do not wax it. You will end up with annoying water marks on your waxed surface. I have used an oil bases spray paint for this that will hold up well to water spills.

Plant Stand  - SOLD

I also painted this pretty lamp table in Paris Grey Chalk Paint by Annie Sloan and a white top. I made it so the top looks a bit white washed. it's a lovely effect.

Side table $110
 70cm by 43cm, 58cm

I love how this table below turned out - ASCP Old Ochre on the base with pure black paint on the top. This is such a pretty table - pop your lamp on it or better still your glass of wine. It is Friday night after all.  The top is unwaxed but sealed paint - you won't need to worry about a coaster. Easy peasy. becuase who wants to worry when there's wine to be had :)

Vintage French Table $140
60w x 45d x 60h cm

I absolutely love this shabby chic chair. Painted in a rich ochre/cream, distressed and antiqued. The wicker is perfect as is the beautiful cushion. I adore this one. Perfect in a bedroom or lounge room and super comfortable. 

Shabby Chic Chair *sold

Anything catch your eye?
Even if you aren't interested in buying anything, which is your favourite? I'd love to hear.

If you do want to purchase anything pop me an sms or call me on 0405766445.  To see all my furniture that is currently for sale click here.

enjoy your Friday evening, my friends.

Fiona xx



  2. Love the combination of the old ochre and black on the vintage french table, might be my new favourite.


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