Thursday, August 20, 2015

Big Brother, Little Brother in ASCP Paris Grey

A few years ago now I painted a lovely vintage cabinet for a bathroom on the northern beaches. It was such a lovely old cupboard and I had to do a lot of remedial work on it but I was very happy with how it turned out, as was my customer.

A few weeks ago I found a small version of the came cupboard so I decided to paint it in ASCP Paris grey with white trim, same as big brother.

Big brother
Little brother 

For this piece I gave it a light sand just to smooth out the timber and clean it up. I then wiped it down inside and out. Old furniture is so dirty! There was a crack in the timber on the top so I used a tiny nail and some Liquid Nails to put the timber back firmly into place and then I filled the crack with timber putty. It is unnoticeable now. Pretty good for an old piece. 

I then painted the cupboard in two coats of ASCP Paris grey and when it was dry I went around the edges of the door panel and the routered edge of the top with a small paint brush and two coats of ASCP Pure White.

I then waxed it all and buffed it and distressed the edges. I then wax again to protect the timber that has been exposed when distressing.

Victorian cupboard with raised back 
42w x 38d x 85h cm. 
Beautiful as a bedside, hallway table or pop in corner somewhere.

Today I'm painting a huge sideboard in an ASCP Duck Egg and Louis Blue mix with a white wash over it. Fingers crossed it turns out like it is appearing in my head. Wish me luck :)


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