Wednesday, October 14, 2015

White drawers

Just popping in today to share these Balinese drawers I finished painting yesterday. 9 drawers for all your bits and bobs. I don't always like Balinese furniture but I do like these chests of little drawers. Quite rustic but looks great all in white and distressed. I was thinking I should probably distress more but I can always do that if the buyer wants.

Rustic white washed chest of 9 drawers - great storage for a tight spot. (NOW SOLD)

and here they are before I painted them - bought from a  beautiful house in North Sydney on the Kirribilli side. They had just finished renovating and it all looked amazing. I wanted to ask for a full tour!

Busy morning here with three back to back appointments at my studio - I hope no one runs late and puts out my tight schedule :)



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    1. Thanks so much Rose for your lovely comments always xx

  2. They do look nicer painted. I'm curious about chests of drawers, I see them everywhere with different configurations of drawers, but I've never seen one with seven drawers. Three, five, nine and so on never seven. Why is that I wonder?


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