Friday, October 9, 2015

White for a baby

Good morning lovely people. It's been a week of bad news for several of my friends and my heart if very sad at the moment. I think it's a big lesson in being grateful and realising how short life is and how lucky we are. Some families just can't take a trick. My heart is aching and I want to slow down and breathe in the day today and cuddle my kids.

Anyway I just had to share that but now onto painted furniture.

 Michelle recently bought a little cupboard from me and while we were discussing pickup of it, she asked if i happened to have any drawers that would suit as a change table.  I had the perfect piece - a beautiful vintage chest of drawers.

I painted it in a mix of ASCP Pure and Old White and waxed it smooth. I don't usually paint inside the drawers unless they are manky but these drawers have been bought as a gift from Michelle to her son and daughter in law who are expecting their first bubby. I wanted them painted all pristine and perfect for the baby's clothes. A new life. So precious.

And in progress and before photos.

So fresh and pretty.

Have a lovely day
Fiona xx


  1. I think the white is a great choice. It does give it life!

  2. That chest looks lovely in white.
    I used to paint the insides of drawers, but when it came to my last project, my tall boy and bedside chests, I didn't have quite enough paint, so I left them, "for now" and that was ten years ago. They still aren't done.


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